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FM SynthesizerSynprezFM 2 is a programmable polyphonic synth with a multitouch dynamic keyboard, arpeggio, effects and 1024 built-in instrument patches.

It uses Frequency Modulation, a lightweight method for generating complex harmonic waveforms by mixing or combining sine samples controlled by envelops and LFO. It is able to produce analog style pads, to emulate classic or modern instruments, or to invent new and awesome crystalline sounds.
SynprezFM 2 is also a Yamaha DX7 emulator, that can render with accuracy the sysex files you upload into an external storage directory setup by menu, in order to heighten the experience. You can also create and save your own patches, either by editing one of the (deliberately) unsorted builtin ones, or starting from scratch with the ‘init voice’ function.
It is possible to record WAV, to connect a MIDI keyboard (using a USB/OTG cable for Android Honeycomb 3.1+, or Bluetooth Low Energy for Android Jelly Bean 4.3+), and to take advantage of a small step sequencer. Even small devices can now leverage 2 synthesizers thanks to an optimized layout. To simplify the classic usage, complex functions are now only available in ‘expert mode’ (activatable in the setup page): this regards the patch editor and the new micro-tuning feature.
While you play, you can trigger an after-touch vibrato effect by dragging your fingers on the active keys or shift the keyboard to different octaves. Other performance parameters can be accessed above the keyboard, including 2 types of portamento, a sensitivity range for pitch or volume modulations, and some effects that give a sense of depth when using a headset, especially on plucked sounds. You can also adjust the polyphony to adapt to your device capabilities. Thanks to an optimized core, you can hear up to 16 channels playing together, even on mid-range devices.

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fix countless annoying bugs
pseudo compressor to enable louder sound
MIDI support based on Android libraries to address more MIDI controllers
storage access rewritten to solve first time access problems (and support Android 11+)
pitch discrepancy on recording (48K vs 44.1K) fixed

wireless Bluetooth MIDI support
“MIDI slave” support
support for multiple MIDI keyboards
finer volume and balance scale, wired on MIDI
“Scoped Media” storage mode, mandatory for Android 11
peak indicator on VU-meters
drop down menus with pseudo LCD
output volume operating after the FX processor
description of the device capabilities in the configuration page
better MIDI traces to diagnose problems

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FM Synthesizer user reviews :

Super cool app if you’re into Synth music. I’d like to get into making Retrowave music, so this is in my opinion the best option if you want a keyboard for absolutely free. Although, I do sometimes miss keys, which is my problem, but sometimes I tend to turn on the gestures tab by tapping with 3 fingers at the bottom of my screen, which causes a glitch that freezes the keys I tapped on. It happens quite often, but it’s not too big of an issue. Nonetheless, awesome app. 9/10 <3

I was looking for a simple keyboard app to work some harmonies out and found this (I knew searching synthesizer was a good idea). How refreshing to find an app that isn’t cluttered with adverts! And it works great, clearly there’s some depth I will have to uncover but straight away I can do what I need. I can’t see if there’s a way to tip/donate the developer, I certainly would if I could and will keep looking

Great sound but unfortunately no matter what i do i cant find what i record and sometimes it shows up in my files months later as if it needed several months just to complete the file. When trying to click the option to set a new save location, the button is inoperable on my device and doesnt allow for the save location to be changed. Currently holding on to this app as im hoping in a week or so the stuff i recorded on it will finally exist on my phone

  • The fact you cannot change the location means you have just the internal (emulated SD card) to consider. Please have a look on this page for more details, or contact me by mail ;) EDIT: BTW do you stop the recording with the menu “stop recording”? you’ll see appear a popup reading where the WAV is rendered

Does everything I wanted it to! It’s quite capable and intuitive, with a decent set of synths and lots of little things that just work, like after touch effects. My only suggestion would be to make the black key hitbox slightly larger (or have this be customizable if it isn’t already); it’s easy to miss and hit a white key instead.

I like the sounds of the synthesizer, but the only problem is, the keys on the touchscreen is really small when zoomed out and I can’t press 1 key without another key being hit next to it. I think if there was a way to customize the piano so the keys are much wider when zoomed out this should help more when playing with the touchscreen. Other then that it’s really good especially when playing with an actual midi piano.

Is there a 10 star option? This is a fantastic keyboard app! The sounds are great (and I’ve only got through 4 of the 32 banks), the layout is perfect and it lets you get into the nitty gritty if you want. It recognises my axiom air mini and lets me control pitch bend, modulation and portamento from it. More midi options would be welcome, but I really can’t complain. Well done to the developers!

  • thanks for this positive feedback! And next version will have a MIDI-learn feature so you will be able to wire any controller’s button to any parameters. BTW this is a one person’s project, so I take all your compliments for me, myself and I

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