Kingdoms of Camelot – Fight for the glory of your medieval Kingdom

[Game] Kingdoms of Camelot – Battle


Kingdoms of CamelotKingdoms of Camelot – Battle : Build a mighty empire, forge alliances, unlock prizes, and claim your throne as ruler of the kingdom!
9.5 Million players and counting

Join millions of players as you build your empire in Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North! (Camelot web players: this game does not connect to your web kingdom: it’s an all-new mobile game)

Drust mac Erp and his savage Picts have overrun Northern Britain. King Lot of Lothian is dead. His widowed queen, Morgause, appeals to her half-brother Arthur for help. It’s up to you to answer Arthur’s call and save the Kingdom!

Gather Knights, Heavy Calvary and more as you grow a massive army
Train hundreds and thousands of elite troops to dominate the realm
Fight for the glory of your medieval Kingdom with powerful forces

Recruit legendary Round Table Heroes to enhance your city
Command famous medieval Knights like Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain, Sir Percival and more
Strengthen your mighty empire as you add high-ranking officials to lead your roster

Join Millions online to form Alliances and combine forces with fellow Lords and Ladies
Use real-time chat to prepare strategic battles against other kings
Ally with friends or challenge enemies in the ultimate quest for power

Log in daily, participate in tournaments, and earn valuable prizes!
Discover new exciting items to increase your empire’s power and might
Dominate the leaderboards and earn the respect of the citizens of Camelot

Build an empire and claim your throne in Camelot
Conquer enemies and lay siege to savage Picts and evil
Rule the medieval realm to become the most powerful King!

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Kingdoms of Camelot – Battle user reviews :

Good game, played for 6 years , however very glitchy . I am stuck at vip lvl 8 while many are max vip for exploiting a glitch . To level up it will either cost me $1000 or login for another 5.5years straight!!Also very time consuming for new players/returning player to get to a competitive standard.
  • Gaea Mobile Limited
  • Hi, Thanks for your feedback. For the exploit, we encourage you to write a ticket to our CS at so our game team can look into it. Best Regards, Your Gaea Support
Gaea, if possible, is doing worse than Kabam did when they had the game. The “fixes” and “updates” you’re implementing are deplorable. How about merging some servers? Give new accounts a really NICE chest with enough exp training for a level 200 Knight, maybe season 5 or 6 full gear set, lots of boosts and maybe you’ll have more player retention. This game is too established. A new player can’t really compete. Also, update campaign rewards. They suck. I could go on and on, but the game is on a fast decline.
  • Gaea Mobile Limited
  • Hello Suzy! We appreciate your feedback. The team will try their best to improve the game soon and take it to the next level. If you have more suggestions, please remember that you can always send a message to our customer support team. Thanks! Gaea Mobile Team

Good game This is a good game it will take a lot of time up especially once your in an alliance. You can be rewarded with free gems (in game currency) this allows for huge boosts but at the same time the chances of winning good prizes the mini games are so low you would be better taking any cash to the bet Fred closing your eyes and picking your winner

Not your average basic war game. Love how you can capture land like forrests and mountains to Help increase resource production

Last Update January 2, 2020 :

New Features & Optimizations:
New Event: Adventure
Increase VIP Level to lv.15
Quickly Complete Hero Exploration
Display Number of Campaign Attacks
Optimize the Carmot Mine Event Scoring Method

Bug Fixes:
Players Can Now Purchase a New Monthly Card When the Current Month Card Doesn’t End.
Divination Lab: Heavy Lifter Fix
Graphical Glitches

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