Galaxy Reavers 2 – Intensive strategic battle in space

[Game] Galaxy Reavers 2 – Space RTS

Galaxy Reavers 2Welcome to Galaxy Reavers 2, a sci-fi rts mobile game with battle on a spaceship in space, conquer the galaxy with them.

1. Sci-fi RTS Strategic Battle
Command your spaceship and shoot your missiles or control your fleet to avoid incoming missiles. Intensive strategic battle in space.

2. 3D Camera Control
You can drag, rotate, and zoom in/out to completely control the battle. Use it as a strategy to win your battle in the galaxy.

3. Customize your Spaceship
With dozens of spaceships and hundreds of devices, you can build your own fleet to conquer the galaxy and win the war.

4. Unlock a Commander
Use a commander to pilot your spaceship and increase your chance of victory. You can still command your fleet and use of strategy in this Sci-fi Galaxy space rts game.

5. Game Mode
Discover many planets in the different galaxies and play different game modes. Fight on a 3D Sci-fi Galactic Space and shoot your enemies. Intensive RTS battle.

Build spaceships and equip them with powerful missile devices to be ready for a war in several galaxies.

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Galaxy Reavers 2 user reviews :

I’ve been playing for over two years and several server merges. While improvements to the game have been made, they are really, really slow. Some ships are set up weird in a manner that makes no sense for the weapons would be putting on it. My biggest frustration in this game is the Military Competition. You get only three tries a day, three battles per try. When I compete in the battles, I get through a battle, sometimes two, then I get a spinning ring that just sits there spinning…

  • Dear player, thank you for your support.we will try our best to optimize our game.if you have any problems please contact us by mail:galaxy2.cs[at], thank you.

Great gameplay with tons of customization, BUT! The home screen is a nightmare. Figuring out where you need to go to get all the free stuff & daily quests is tough. You can tell the instructions and dialogue are poorly done translations. I also HATE the fact there is only a fixed hour of the day where you can do certain quests. Last huge complaint is that it takes so long to level up to get to play multiplayer! Will add that I paid money for 1st version, so I would pay for changes!

  • Dear Player , Thank you very much for your contact. we will send your suggestion to our development team.we will try our best to optimize our game. and if you have any suggestions how we could improve this game to make you reconsider your rating,please contact us by mail:galaxy2.cs[at], thank you.

The first week was pretty fun. It got very grindy without much payoff. I was building up a ship I knew I was going to replace because I already had the better ship and couldn’t use it yet. & I couldn’t advance without building up. Each type of ship has a cost and you have a lv based limit. Action points, challenge points, etc are limited. A lot of the time I had to choose 1 ship to build up at a time and spend days doing it. I spent ~$5 because I enjoyed the game but it feels very repetitive.

  • Dear player, Thank you very much for your contact. we will try our best to optimize our game. If you have any questions, you can talk it specific contact us with facebook or this galaxy2.cs[at]

I actually really like this game, No overly obnoxious ads, you can’t just autoplay everything all the time. There’s a story though I find it a bit hard to follow, seems like it’s missing something. It’s still a lot of grinding. The other thing that bothers me is I find certain events too rare or poorly timed, I have almost never been able to ever catch Military Conflict. I’ve never been able to catch Arena. I often find other time sensitive events hard to catch too. Recently, I log in with google, however, I recently got a new phone (one plus 3 -> pixel 5), and NONE of my character/account migrated over. Which means, I lost all of my progress, and I was in deep. Only way I found to contact the publisher was via this post (see below), but what was said gave me a thought, when I installed on a new phone it changed my server, switching back to the previous server fixed the problem. However, I feel like the server you’re connected to show probably be stored in some kind of a session that is preserved when you migrate between computers. It’s a good thing that I still had it on the other phone so I could find out the server.

  • Dear player you mean you lose your progress? you can send your problem and char informations(your ID number and server)to our mail: galaxy2.cs[at], and we will make check and we will send gift code as reward for you trying to help us improve the game. Hope you can consider your rating, this is very important to us, tyvm.

Fun game with good graphics, the use of a stamina system kind of sucks because of the replaying of stages to get the materials needed to upgrade ships, unless you want to pay of course, but a good game non the less. Also the dialogue in the game is off, but not bad enough to make it unintelligible.

  • Thank you for your advice. We’ll try to make it better.

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