World War Defense – Protect your camp from enemy

[Game] World War Defense

World War DefenseA free tower defense strategy game! The best survival simulator at war world!

Your team is those who survived at the war! Your goal is to protect your camp from enemy.



Play our strategy game and defend your camp in offline mode, without the Internet or wi-fi.


Download and enjoy the free version of the game.


Customize your truck so it can fight different enemies and test the power of your team and the strategy


Choose your heroes who will help you on the dangerous road


Adapt to various enemies, events and challenges.

No Wi-FI/Internet Required!


Play as survivors in a small camp! Create a virtual city and help to restore a peace on a scorched planet.

Discover the whole world and all the heroes BE PREPARED FOR everything.

Danger is everywhere. Be reasonable. Develop tactics and strategy in the offline tower defense game.

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World War Defense user reviews :

I really love your game and i asure all of downloader that they won’t be tired of this game when playing. i gave you four star because making money is easy but making gems is to hard and a lot of things are bought with gems like tanks,heros… and when i want to buy gems it is in loading pls fix this….

very nice game… but just a suggestion: it would be cool if we got a notification that our gold has been collected…

Have not played a lot just yet, but the several hours I have played were very enjoyable

Honestly it’s quite a good game. I just have a bit of criticism and that is the speed. It can go up to x2 speed but sometimes for grinding it’s better if it could go faster. So a idea is give a mini menu that pops up when you click the speed and it has 1x 1.5x 2x 3x 4x 5x. But other than that I really like the game, it’s fun to play when you have nothing to do all day. Edit* One more is while upgrading it can be annoying after afking to have to spam upgrade. So you hold for 3 seconds and it go

Good concept I like the graphics but the levels get really hard and half of the heros you get you have to pay for them with gems and it’s kinda annoying but i like the heros and turrets I would recommend this game if you like turret shooting games.

Good game for beginners….im satisfied To upgrade it’s to slow only one experience

i like this game but i hate i needed a factory of diamonds i only have 24 that the new update

Very addictive game with good mechanics.

I has a great initial experience, and liked the art style enough that I bought a new unit, the unit has broken tool tips that say things like ‘boost none damage’, ‘70% chance to deal 0 damage’ if these issues are fixed I feel as though I could enjoy the game, but as it is now. Too many errors and spelling mistakes. Edit:A new issue. Units get upgrades at certain thresholds, the first upgrade had a 15 min timer, it goes to 4 hours for the second upgrade, that’s 32 hours for just active units.

  • Hi Ian! Thank you for your feedback, we will be sure to take your comments into account in future development!

It’s the best game I played on my recent phone and continue to play it since now

Excellent game…downloaded 3 days ago…still on it daily…pretty cool…not killing you with ads..but can optimize your game play with viewing. Superb work guys. I don’t tend to leave reviews for apps…unless it’s exceptional in my eyes.

Game was fun for about 2 days. Once the transport is level 100 and goons are about level 50 you can beat pretty much any level and it’s boring repetition with nothing new but the same old constant boring characters attacking. I’ve cleared the map an there is nothing left to do. It might be fun if the game had more content, but it doesn’t.

Just hit level 100 with my characters. In order to break 99 to 100 you must pay 5 million coins, plus wait 8 hours for training for each character. or watch 8 ads at 30 seconds a piece. Terrible idea when I have a full roster of characters… Edit, also the reward for finishing a level is terrible, 180 thousand coins rewsrded for completing level 650, costs 2 million to level up a single character or module at the moment.

  • Hi Staticz! Thanks for the feedback! We will take all your comments and suggestions into account in further development.

This game is impossible and addictive. Though it might seem ftp it actually cost $4. $4 gets you autoplay and bonus money. Speaking of money it doesn’t matter if you win or lose you get the same money. The only difference is exp. Choose your perks wisely and by the way best perk in active skill reload. Also there’s is no time delay all waves come at the same time. Good luck with grinding for weeks to come.

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