Gemini Strike Space Shooter – Evade fiery asteroids

[Game] Gemini Strike Space Shooter

Gemini Strike Space Shooter Blast your way through enemy ships, evade fiery asteroids, sneak through blockades and face off against epic bosses in this action packed space shooter!

Then when the blasting is done, raid cargo ships to find procedurally generated items to customise your fighter.

With a zillion different modules to mix and match (shields, missiles, lasers, beams, healing, EMPs) you are never short of ways to turn squads of enemies into beautiful cosmic fireworks.

With a catchy techno soundtrack and enemies that fill the screen with projectiles as dazzling as they are deadly, it’s perfect old-school action for as little or as long as you have time to spare. Classic arcade action with a modern stylistic flair, Gemini Strike is a challenging space shooter that will test your skills but keep you coming back for more.

Gemini Strike Space Shooter user reviews :

1st of all, the game doesn’t have a Google Link account. Which means, you will lose all progress & purchase when you accidentally delete the game. You can’t play it on a different device because of it too. Secondly, the plane isn’t exactly at when you touch the screen. It’s about 1cm above. So, it’s practically impossible to dodge incoming fire. Lastly, it’s very limited gameplay. No Endless mode, no side missions, no Achievements rewards, no daily log in bonus.

This game is amazing, great graphics, great story and amazing loot. My type of game. But there are some major flaws like after I complete or fail a mission, I always get a black screen. I also see some major AI balance that needs fixing, enemies are a bit hard to beat. Please fix some of these issues.

Some of the best visual and sound effects of any shmup I’ve played. Tons of ships with their own unique stats and weapons plus a myriad of cool items make it an awesome RPG based shmup. This game also has the most detailed story line plus the campaign is so long and challenging which gives it long replay value. I started playing this 2 years ago and it has never grown old. I believe this is definitely one of the most underappreciated mobile shmups.

Fun but many things held this game back. While I’m not a fan of ads I can totally feel the scumminess of the game with its ADS. The Ads themselves work super predictable, They don’t function when you want at least 1 Free life but the Ads work after beating a stage then Crashes the game with a black screen which I find Totally BS because I have to reboot the game to work again. I can feel the Devs want me to buy Credits when they don’t give me a good reasonable way to support their game.

I like that it uses accessories. The characters should have more than one image. The story is decent. It gets boring after 5+ planets knowing that it’s just frustrating grinding so I deleted it. The only real thing keeping you playing is just for the story. The villain tricking the hero and killed thousands was a hype but it fades away because it’s just grind grind grind. The missions were difficult but reasonable. That’s about it.

I have no words, this game is AMAZING for the time of 2022 boring games.. the graphics is great and the gameplay too. oh yeah and ignore all of the 1-2 ratings, they dont know what they’re talking about. And actually this game is better without those daily bonus, achievment rewards, endless mode and etc.. it’s just that this game is unique

There are some ads between missions. But the game is pretty generous about giving you bonus coins if you watch the first ad after completing a mission when you first load the game each time. I spent a lot of time to saving up my coins so I could buy d-35 coin ship, which has been an amazing piece of equipment. Don’t worry about getting any of the other ships. I’m in the mid-70s level right now, have not spent a dime on the game.

Fun game that’s let down by a few glaring flaws. First is the lives system, it prevents the player from playing if they die too many times, or refuse to pay in game currency, ruins any sort of skill the player can develop, and makes the game significantly less fun. Second is that moving the ship in all control modes has a slight delay, which ruins the precise movement needed. Lastly is that there is a bit of time where you can still move from when you die to when you game over

When I was a kid, I played a game like this in the “game shooter” category. This game depleted my excitement in the past. I gave it 4 stars because the online platform version of the game would be great if it could be done … Also, I expect more various enemy types and secret missions to come.

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