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[Game] Maximus 2 – Fantasy Beat-Em-Up

Maximus 2 New Story Expansion: ‘Dragon’s Den’ is being developed for Nov 2022

MAXIMUS 2 is a fantasy beat-em-up brawler that focuses on crunchy and satisfying combat. We captured the spirit of some of the best classic beat-em-ups, melding them into one memorable experience. Fight solo or with up to 4 players cooperative multiplayer!

STORY Is a single, continuous shot. This hasn’t been done since the 80’s, rather than simply cutting from one stage to the next, the players enter an animated transition to the next area, creating the illusion of a fantastic journey.

MULTIPLAYER co-op in real time, fight together with up to 4 players online or on the same device with Bluetooth controllers.

HEROES with their own roles and weapons. The tank, the wrestler, the magician, the outlaw, the healer and the ninja.

TEAMWORK If you work together, you survive. Players can revive a fallen teammate, support or heal them and gang up to juggle enemies off each other in the air.

Supports Google Play Games (Cloud saving).

There are a few in-apps available but we allow the whole game to be playable and unlocked through gameplay.

Please consider the Premium Upgrade if you wish to support our game development.

An internet connection is required for Online Multiplayer mode.
400 MB of storage space.

1.5 GB RAM.
Android 8.0+

Maximus 2 user reviews :

i honestly can’t believe more people aren’t playing… it’s just a fun, surface-level beat-em-up. no sneaky ads that waste half of game time. i love the different characters and weapons. these guys’ games could be masterpieces with the right type of further development.

Extraordinary! Have a lot of fun playing this and the background graphic is so good, the UI is simple, and the FPS is really good, a combination between old arcade games and present technology indeed, the character design is goofy and funny. Two thumbs up for the Four Fatso

I love the game but the only thing that bothers me is when I try to fight in the Riverdale fortress my army is way smaller than the enemy’s and no matter how good I am at this game I always lost throughout the war can you pls make it easier and add the balanced amount of soldiers we need if you do this game will be the greatest game on the entire world

Updated review: It’s a really fun beat-em-up showing love for the history of the genre. It was released about a week ago with a few bugs and the makers were quick to respond to my emails and make most things right. The only problem remaining for me is with audio. While Bluetooth earbuds, I only get music, no sfx. Last time I switched mid-game from earbuds to phone speakers, all sound stopped. All my other games are fine. Puts a damper on my experience.

  • Yup you’re right, there was a problem before with some of the account naming. We went ahead and tried the best we could this week to fix the 3-4 topics you raised. Thanks for the early notice, get back to me in the email

It’s an highly enjoyable game in the style of golden axe and streets of rage. This game provides a real challenge as the enemies do not follow the usual predictable patterns that you find in other games of this type. The art style and the music is good and does not detract from the beat em style action that prevails throughout the game. A Brilliant game! I’m just wondering if there is bluetooth joypad support for the game? As it would make an good alternative to using the on screen controls.

Amazing! I played through the entire story, from normal to gamer mode, and, well, the new mini bosses and stuff that you guys added in gamer mode really made the playthrough more fun than when you just play through the same story, but with harder enemies! I love how much effort you guys put into these games! (And yes, I’ve played them all.) Also, the controls and animations are really smooth compared to previous games, and the little Easter eggs, quirky transitions and story really made the game

  • more to come this year, thanks for playing right at the start of the launch

It’s a fun game, I love the combat and characters. I do have a problem with the game though, to make private servers you must pay money which is really annoying. I might make a server with my friend and some random person joins, anyways maybe you could make it like Blackmoor 2 where you can watch an ad to make a private server. Overall the game is great though!

Just wanna give this a quick review after level 1. Full controller support for PS4 controllers. Smooth, fast paced combat. I LOVE IT! If you’re a fan of the Golden Axe games, you most likely will as well. It’s definitely a nod to Golden Axe. I find myself enjoying the way the combat flows in this game a lot more, though. Artistically, it reminds me a bit of Adventure Time, which is also something I love. This is a really fun game!

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