Mutant Division – Explore the land that once belonged to mankind

[Game] Mutant Division

Mutant DivisionDue to misoperation, the carrier virus accidentally infected ape test subjects. A few other species were infected and turned into Mutants, consuming large amounts of food resources and destroying the environment for human survival.

Ozzy was also abandoned due to electricity outage. Humankind eventually nuked the tropical with cobalt bomb in order to stop the unlimited reproduction of Mutants, causing extreme climate change and the end of human civilization as we know it. 10 years after the cobalt bomb landed, worldwide temperatures finally started to rise again, leading survivors to explore the land that once belonged to mankind.

Daybreak League, a group of scientist survivors, began to develop a treatment program for the Mutants in an attempt to lead humanity back to civilization. However, the world is still in danger, accept the current situation or turn the tide, I believe you must have your own choice.


Capture and collect rare mutants, they will become your loyal partners.
Traveling with your mutants, the doomsday world is still wonderful.
Cook delicious food to attract more mutant partners.

Save other survivors and build a beautiful home together.
Fortify your buildings against dangerous enemies.

Awaken your beast mutants, they will fight side by side with you.
Attract mutants from the unknown world, don’t put down your tranquilizer gun.
Mutants improve your military and economical strength.

No one can survive alone, fight alongside your alliance
Watch out for potential threats, Prudence is the law of survival in the end

Mutant division is a free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases. According to Gtarcade’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, this application is not intended for use by users under the age of 16.
A device with internet access is required.

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Mutant Division user reviews :

I LOVE this GAME i saw this on an ad and i really wanna download it! After the download, i played it, after a few hours i start getting more and more supplies and mutants! We want new updates on the future, i appreciate you made this game for us to have fun!

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The quality is good and the story is very interesting but I also love catching ice mutants I hope more ice or snow mythic mutants going to add in the future please hear my wishes

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The sounds disappear, when i minimize the app in order to open another app and return to the game the sounds disappear.

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Great game, fun, easy to understand, complete joyful time playing app.

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I suggest adding underwater mutant love your game fun to play and easy to get every mutant

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I like the mutant theme and I love it because it’s like the movie Rampage, waiting for new updates, mutants or side story(chapter) etc.

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I love taming monsters , hope you add more stuffs like dragons and more rewards please

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I like the graphics and stories but It’s hard to log in even you have a good internet connection, always reconnecting and I try it to uninstall and installed it again and I did it 3 times but it still the same, it waste my time

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I love this game because you can capture monster, buildings your city,join guild, fight monster and have a good story

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