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[Game] God Sacrifice

God SacrificeLog in to get 100 Advanced Summon Scrolls for free! Valid for a limited time only!

Collect tons of equipment, become stonger, meet mythical heroes and start legendary adventures!

Equipment Craft
Tons of equipment can be acquired by offering sacred stones to the altar. Extraordinary equipment could be of great use your adventure!

Summon Mythical Gods
The progress of collection and synthesis is blessed by the gods. Summon and invite them to join your cause!

Endless List of Activities
Ready to meet adventures, participate in competitions, and challenge against the world boss? The victory is reserved only for those who are fully prepared!

No Grinding But Relaxing
It’s a relaxing RPG without grinding. Fight beside the gods and enjoy your time!

God Sacrifice user reviews :

This game is beautiful and fun to play, captivates you from the beginning and is extremely easy to become more powerful, I believe the game is very underrated. Everything about the game feels refined, however I wish the battles (Adventure, Arena etc.) would have a more user friendly interface like allowing us to choose which hero attacks which enemy and an auto battle button which will continue to battle different stages without the player needing to select each one (or next). Thank you- Zak

So you can only get so far in the Sacred Stone Dungeon before you can’t win.. So you will run out of gears quickly! It seems so dry, in terms of resources.. I guess you should have more free ways to get gears, but it looks like another game that as soon as it comes out, people are further into it than you will ever get.. It’s decent, just way too limited in resources.

  • In addition to the Sacred Stone Dungeon, you can also obtain stones through daily quests, events, and auto-battle rewards. If you have any ideas for it, you can also contact our in-game service or email hecs[at]droidhang.com, we will continue to optimize the game experience!

Who thought of the weapon spin and said GREAT… all ypu do in this game is to spin the wheel to get good equipments to fight. almost did 200-300 spin just to get equipments good enough to beat stage one. you can imagine how many spins you will havw to do to reach higher stage…. Game name should be equipments wheel spin simulator. cuz you gonna end up spinning wheels most of the time instead of playing.

  • Hi~Thank you for taking the time to write your honest review. You can upgrade your hero’s level by selling equipment. When you wear stronger equipment, you will also have the opportunity to defeat more powerful enemies. We believe that when you are fully prepared you will see a stronger self !

Great game. You can tell a lot of effort was put into the making of this game. The art and concept design is quality, and you can tell heart and soul was put into it. As for the gameplay itself, it is super fun!

Overall its an amazing game, gets kinda boring after awhile but a great time killer. One of the best mobile games so far.

it to hard you can have a power level over 20k more than the mob you need to fight and still get defeated. the only way to summon is to use gems. But there no way to get gems meaning the game is pay wall

Slow progress when u don’t spend money, you have to wait for rewards and extras you you can move on.

  • We are a free game, and all resources can be obtained for free. In the early stage of the game, resources are scarce, and it is inevitable to get stuck. However,everything is difficult at the beginning. We believe that through the unremitting efforts of adventurers, we will accumulate resources and continue to cultivate, you will be invincible!

I love this game. Gameplay is smooth, diverse, and there are tons of options/ways to play.

  • We are happy to get your 5-star rating! the support from each player drives us to move forward, and we will continue to make more interesting content and updates.

just started playing. will edit the review later. but for now the game’s bgm and the visuals are insane

  • We really appreciate you rating our game so highly! Your strong support is our driving force to continuously improve game content. We hope you can always accompany us! If you have any comments, you can contact customer service directly in the game and we will sincerely listen to your voice.

Very nice game… interesting game … I recommend it to anyone who wants to spend their time doing something great

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