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[Game] Nine Trials

Nine TrialsI would like to achieve immortality, but somehow accidentally wandered into the world of nine trials.
Despite I have powerful artifacts and Eudemon with me, time repeats itself in circles and monsters are unrelenting.
I suppose this is part of my cultivation.

Nine Trials is a casual musou-style game with an eastern fantasy setting. Through deft maneuvering, you overcome the onslaught of monsters in Fairyland. Too many monsters? Don’t worry! Utilize your Artifacts, as they can be augmented or even transformed into primordial Artifacts by absorbing Souls in battle, aiding you in surviving the Nine Trials and attaining immortality!

Game Features:

Endless Trials: Myriads of Dungeons after Main Story
Training and Cultivation: Breath is part of Cultivation
Unparalleled Arts: Learn to enhance Talents
Varied Characters: Different abilities and charm
Eudemons: Various skills and bonus attributes

Nine Trials user reviews :

Loved the game when I first started but the new update took out a lot of the things I enjoyed. Such as watching an ad to gain some XP, or tripling the rewards after a board, and giving only 1 doubling of the pets(can’t remember what they’re called). In their place is more monetization, pay for monthly perks, pay for red jade it just ruined the game for me.

  • I’m very sorry for the bad experience. The game content will continue to be updated and optimized according to the feedback and experience of players. I hope it can bring you better game experience in the future

Like some of the powers you get but 9/10 times i die to object boxes that are bigger for me than mobs or the hit boxes for mobs magically grow. Also whenever you get stuff to the evolve state half the time it doesnt give you that option. It keeps giving you new options to choose instead of letting me evolve the powers. Holding off for a little bit i understand but ive gone entire games without the option being given

  • Sorry about it, if you met any issue, please contact us by discord, we will help you to check it.

Good game. I enjoy the wuxia & roguelike combination of the game. Very inventive attacks and good upgrade systems, especially the variation of immortal and devil upgrades. Additional cultivation system is also good change in the generic leveling. Few bugs here and there that should be fixed, like the Red Ink in inventory bug where Red Ink can’t be used from the inventory and and some problems with the early access of events before they should be accessed through the daily anima system.

  • Hi, clear Devil Tomb·Phase 5 and unlock Infinite Scroll, you can get Red Ink after Infinite Scroll is settled. About the problems of the early access of events, can you describe it in detail?

I’m not sure what genre this is considered, but it’s definitely the best among the others. Four stars only because it has a good amount of trouble loading, and sometimes ad rewards won’t load no matter what. Otherwise it’s very fun

GREAT GAME! Only one problem is I’ve maxed all the arts and still not strong enough for most of levels and upgraded characters so what else can I do? It could do with another sort upgrades or add more to arts. Thanx

This game is very fun to play, especially when the enemies come in a whole group! So satisfying when you crush them at max level item! Edit: After playing at it for a while, I noticed that there might be some kind of bug since everytime I updated a record in Battlefield, the results at the rankings are not on point at all! (It happens to me everytime I updated a record even tho my total damage is at 30-38M daily, the power ranking then says I’m at 800+ on the leaderboard).

I like it very much since I’m a fan of wuxia and xinxia. And it would have been better if more functions or other things are included in order to make the game more interesting. Thanks

It is very nice and fun. The only problem is that you need to play it for hours in later parts of the game, which for high school students like me are problem.

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