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Google AnalyticsThe official Google Analytics mobile app lets you monitor all of your Analytics properties so that you can keep track of your business while you’re on the go. With this app, you can:

1) Check key metrics in built-in reports
2) Monitor real-time data
3) Compare date ranges and apply segments
4) Build your own reports with any combination of metrics and dimensions
5) Save any reports to your dashboard so you can easily come back to them

Google Analytics user reviews:

Latest version seems completely broken. Stats are not showing correctly: 1. Was this useful feedback constantly shown 2. Real time user count no longer accurate 3. Active users per hour all bunched into one single hour as if it’s reporting daily rather than hourly 4. Source no longer showing data 5. Over the last 30 minutes stats are always 0 for all metrics

After recent update in the real time always shows was this answer helpful? And also hourly users not getting displayed properly. Please check this and rating has been provided for the app before the update.Any details please send me a mail will send a screenshots for the same.

New bugs: app version 4.5 always shows 0 users in Realtime for Universal Analytics properties. All stats refresh while the drawer/hamburger menu opens, causing lag. This also resets the scroll position to the top.

There is some issue with the app. The desktop metrics and the app metric for the website are not matching in terms of daily users. Also sessions are less than the total tally of users. This has happened post the latest update.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience, can you please contact us at analytics-app-feedback[at] with more details so that we can help resolve this issue. Thanks!

When I saw the color it remindrd me car of traffic.II am an surfet in webb traffic. So now when I’m choosing apps I’m going to choose colors as meanings in traffic yellow means slow down. I’m joining this platform with same rules apply I’m going to try this app out.

Last update has ruined counts with the exception of the realtime users in last 30 minutes. Users By Device Category is stuck on ‘0’ yet shows active user counts underneath as broken down by device. Same with Users By Page, Users by Source, etc. Please sort it out Google.

Very annoying thing showing from last update, you are google guys .. its keep showing “was this answer helpful ?” After every single box this thing showing … Even we click yes or no .. its keep coming back and showing again Does that make any sense?

I like it but I wish a lot of your other little apps and add-ons could run off the cloud or even backup memory Because by the time you have all the Google products and waste a lot of

Everything was good until a few monts ago, I used to use this app to watch my daily active users but now it doesn’t show valid data, It shows I have daily 1-3 daily users while at play console I see that I get daily 20+ downloads…

After changing my property to ga4 I can’t see anything helpful in the app anymore. There does not even seem to be an option to find out what pages users are looking at! Maybe there’s some way to configure this through the desktop app or firebase or some other unnecessarily complicated approach, but at the end of the day I used to be able to see this information easily and now perfectly all my most important dashboard metrics are inaccessible.

This app is great but in the last update I can’t see each goal only the sum of all goals.
  • Google Inc.
  • Thanks Igal for letting us know what’s important to you!
New update is not good and less options to make reports. Finally going back to previous version 2.2.7
  • Google Inc.
  • Thanks for the feedback Mohit. Did you try that custom report builder? Either hit the 3-dots menu on any report, save to dashboard, and then modify it, or start from Dashboard and hit the “+” in the top right. Curious to hear what options are missing in your mind!

Aftet update there are less options or it is less intuitive. In previous version I could click to see more details (i.e. real time, events). Now click do nothing.

Why have you abandoned landscape view, I use this on my Samsung tab not a phone
  • Google Inc.
  • Thanks for the feedback Alan. Landscape support is coming! We wanted to start by making a few updates. Thanks for letting us know it’s important to you.
easy to use Very easy to use and the new version is nice.
  • Google Inc.
  • Thank you Giovani!

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Bug fixes and Home screen improvements

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