Star Hero Story – A fresh twist on a classic brick breaker

[Game] Star Hero Story

Star Hero Story Brand new style game
StarHero is Brick breaker shooter game

Chet Lewid : Super fun game. A fresh twist on a classic brick breaker!
Pierre Martin : A mix of arkanoid with a shooter and rpg elements. Sounds odd, but strangely compelling. Can be played offline but will freeze when you die.

How to play?
Press the left or right button to move.
Double-click the left or right button to dash.
Defeat the monsters by hitting the star-ball

1. The world’s first game genre — Rogue-lite smash shooting game that can be rechallenged even if you lose
2. Simple operation — You can defeat powerful enemies using only the left and right navigation buttons.
3. Various skills — Combining a number of skills to defeat the powerful beasts!
4. Powerful Weapons — Destroy enemies by creating powerful weapons for your situation!
5. A variety of equipment — Combine the equipment with special features to become more powerful!

Combination of Skills-Strategically, there are thousands of skills that can be combined.
Gear Combination-Win thousands of gear combinations!
Cute Fats-There are also cute fats to help you!

Staroids are special heroes born from star elements.
Staroid can use very powerful star ball unlike the example.
Smashing a starball can be a powerful attack.
Use powerful star balls to defeat monsters!

Star Hero Story user reviews :

One of the few original takes i have seen on this mix of genres. And it is beautiful. Two major issues though: some of the translations are so bad as to be meaningless. And the ball moves faster than the player and does so much damage when you fail to hit it, that i keep dying on super moon floor 2, just from that rediculous damage. Maybe change this so that it does about as much damage as getting hit by an enemy bullet, rather than about three times as much damage

  • Thank you for your advice.

Nice update and new content. The addition of new items and power ups was cool. I realized that new characters will be added and this is really cool. I finished the new planet “VENUS” and it has an easy/moderate difficulty. And it also has a bug that makes it impossible to finish it. When finishing the Planet, the player stays on the Clear screen shooting without enemies and it is not possible to receive damage, which forces the player to return to the Menu with the Pause button losing all loot.

  • We have updated the new version with bug fixes for you. Please update from Google Play in 3-4 hours.

This game is pretty fun, remind me a lot of Touhou 1. The control is simple and not too complicated, you just have to bounce the ball to kill/break the enemy. Though, don’t forget to dodge since the enemy can shoot back. But that’s all about it, it’s get boring after 2-5 game. It could be me but the game feel kinda bland. The graphics is good and simplistic, the art style are cute. The BGM could get more help since it’s kinda glitchy, sometimes it’s so loud for a split seconds. Overall i gave 4 star

The idea is fun and interesting! It’s worth the download to try out. Overall progression is quite grindy. If you’re like me (and suck at brick-breaker type games) this one might feel frustrating. The per level upgrades are cool except most of them are barely noticeable. -edit- Hey! My apologies for the confusion. The progression isn’t tricky but rather it takes a long time. Overall it’s still a cool game though.

  • I used google translator, sorry for the bad Language. What is tricky about the progression?

Great game! Just installed it and played non stop till Im level 11. Controls are great but there are two things that concerns me. One, when multiple effects are present, the game lags. I suggest you add a button that disables the effects. The low graphics dont work with it too, Ive tried. Second, whenever the ball is about to hit the floor, maybe consider that you slow it down just like on the first two stages? With the lag from effects, that tiny fraction of second saves. Anyways, amazing game!

  • I will consider about that. Thank you for your advice

Pretty simple and cute time-killer. Love the art style though. One thing I found uncomfortable is the controls, doesn’t seem to work accurately. Also the gameplay feels repetitive at times. May be good to add some more mechanics in the game. Also it would be lovely to add some more characters! Overall, a good game. Thank you devs. Edit: Adding another star. It’s a big plus that the developer actually responds to reviews. Keep up the good work!

  • I will consider about that. Thank you for your advice

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