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GPS EssentialsGPS Essentials : The most complete GPS tool on market: Navigate, manage waypoints, tracks, routes, build your own dashboard from 45 widgets.

Shows navigation values such as: Accuracy, Altitude, Speed, Battery, Bearing, Climb, Course, Date, Declination, Distance, ETA, Latitude, Longitude, Max Speed, Min Speed, Actual Speed, True Speed, Sunrise, Sunset, Moonset, Moonrise, Moon Phase, Target, Time, TTG, Turn.

Show the orientation of the earth’s magnetic field, shows an arbitrary tracking angle and the current target. Also a marine orienteering compass.

Record tracks and view them on map. Export KML files and import into Google Maps, Google Earth and others.

Manage routes and view them on map. Import KML files from Google Maps, Google Earth and others. Create turn-by-turn instructions between waypoints.

A camera HUD (heads-up display) view to show your waypoints, take pictures and share them.

A map to show your waypoints. Convert mail addresses of your contacts to waypoint so that they can be used within the app.

Supports Google Maps, MapQuest, OpenStreetMap and others.

A list of all your waypoints with export and import (KML and GPX format).

A sky view of the current positions that shows satellites in view.

Supported position formats: UTM, MGRS, OSGB, Degree-Minute-Second, Degree-Minute-Fractions, Decimal, Mils. Supports over 230 datums.

Waypoints, routes and tracks can be exported as KML or GPX files and sent by email or uploaded to Google Docs or DropBox.

Please open the web page below for more info, send me emails for support. I CANNOT HELP IF YOU SIMPLY PLACE A COMMENT HERE.

Purchase the ” GPS Essentials Donation Plugin” on Android Market if you want to support development.

The latest beta release is available at for download. Try out the latest features and help us improve GPS Essentials!

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Coarse/Fine location: To access network locations and GPS
Full internet access: To read map tiles, send bug reports
Modify/delete USB storage contents: To write waypoints, tracks and images onto the SD card
Read phone state and identity: To tag pictures with the device ID (can be switched off in settings)
Take pictures and videos: Camera HUD, take pictures

GPS Essentials user reviews :

Most intuitive and comprehensive app available By far the best and most accurate GPS programs available, and its. FREE!!! No gimmicks or adds or signups. Accurate to within a few feet on aircraft in the air, in the car and on the bike. Just wish it offered. Different pre cached map options with more terrain detail.

Maybe It seems like it could be cool, but maybe a tutorial could help. 10 minutes later and I still am trying to figure how to make it work. Is it actually a gps or just an add on?

It does everything. A must have. Not basic at all. It’s a must have. Not basic. It does everything all the apps do and much more. It’s a must have. It is essential. Not basic. Absolutely awesome. It is the one tool for all your GPS needs. And a word for the developers: say more about your features in your app name. This app would have many many more downloads if you just add key words like map, compass, and nav. . “essential” is ambiguous and do not do justice describing this powerful app.

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Last Update 07.12.2013 :

3.2.9 Changes
 File picker for export and import

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