Granny Farm – Help Alice renovate her grandparent’s home

[Game] Granny Farm

Granny FarmGranny Farm : Build your dream Farm!

Help Alice renovate her grandparent’s home, bring comfort back to her family ‘s mansion. Welcome to your family dream world! Open the farm gate to start the adorable adventure!

Play and win colorful match-3 levels to decorate and restore areas in the farm. Design a new home, choose exotic and wonderful exterior and interior pieces of furniture. Unlock new areas of the farm story, become friends with all the characters in the game!

Don’t forget to feed you farm pets! Cows, chickens and adorable puppies need your attention. Plant and grow crops to create a feed for the animals. Restore all the town building, open factories and explore products. Have you already tried to send orders to the customers and the townspeople?

The game features:

Addictive gameplay: win a match-3 level, restore and decorate the farm building, take part in the adventure
Hundreds of unique match-3 levels
Dozens of in-game characters, who will help rebuild the farm
Adorable pets, like a puppy, and a lovely cat are waiting for you
Lovely farm animals like turkeys, cows and chickens will create the mood on the farm
Different areas on the farm, each with unique gameplay, amazing animations and addictive story
Various crops to grow and process at your factories
A community of friends, who you can ask for help and send lives
A super free game you can even play offline

Granny’s Farm is absolutely free to play.
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Granny Farm user reviews :

This is really a fun game if you have to much time on your hands. I only have a couple of things I would change #1 would be to not make you pay for your own coins that you win at the end of each game. and #2 The videos you watch can get you bosters and hearts. Other then that this game is fun and the story is cute

I really like this game!! I like the puzzles, as they are different from most connect 3 puzzles!! I like Alice, and other chactories. the music is good as well. I like that it’s challenging, yet not too challenging . I would tell others to try this game out. 5 stars.

I like the game but since you updated the app today, I can’t play it on my tablet. I even unstalled restalled it back on tablet. all I get is a black screen with just numbers. it plays fine on my phone. I’ve tried again on my tablet still doing the same thing. I’ve just started a new game called mansion blast does same thing on tablets. please try to fix so I can see and play on tablets
  • 4Enjoy Game
  • We are very sorry for the bug. We have sent the information to the developers. We promise to fix it as soon as it is possible. Sorry again that you ca not fully enjoy the game.
Fun game, love the choices and story. At first it was easy going and it kept me busy and I loved completing tasks but now I might only complete 1 challenge in 2-3 days. If it gets too difficult and I get bored then I might delete the game. I like a game I can play and progress and it keeps my interest. There’s plenty of games that gets harder as you go. Why can’t there be a casual game?
  • 4Enjoy Game
  • Cheryl, thank you very much for your feedback. We wish you to create a fantastic farm.

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