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Great AlchemyHello.

I have prepared for you another installment of the classic game in which you have to discover a lot of unique elements. How does it differ from others? It has implemented a comfortable way of moving around the application, thanks to which it is pleasant to use. I hope you will like it.

At the beginning you will have to discover 390 elements. As the application develops, I will try to add new ones. And thanks to the tips in case of doubt you will move on.

You will be able to play “Crazy Wheel” where you will be able to get additional keys to unlock elements. Doesn’t it look awesome? :-)

If you have your own suggestions for new elements or connections write through Contact in the application menu.

Great Alchemy user reviews :

Challenging, clever, and really enjoyable. My 7 year old grandson absolutely loves this game and can spend hours thinking about how different elements interact or the relationship(s) among elements. Great app!

Game is awesome! No glitches and the game helps you won’t so it’s hard to get stuck. Love it!

It’s a pretty cool tool I found it very useful in welding and trays to whom ever developed games,tools like this I’m very impressed

Pretty fun, but the one thing I don’t like is that it is a little alchemy spinoff but otherwise great game!

Nice game, but sometimes it will randomly clear the board when you switch apps. Other times the board stays the same for weeks. I spent heaps of time setting up the elements I wanted to experiment with (because it won’t let you add more than a handful at once) then when they were finally set up, I put the phone down, and when I came back to the app they had all been cleared. Very frustrating, so I quit, as this is not the first time.

One of the best for this sort of app as I’ve tried them all. love it and highly recommend it. I’ve done the legwork for you and have tried them all – this one is definitely in the top 3. It’s setup provided an easy and very smooth flow for combining and keeping track of materials and the combos made sense on a notch above the rest intellectually, which is something I intentionally search for. Thanks to the creator for a superb alchemy of their own combining code and platform to make a great game

I played for only a few seconds and the fact that it’s very easy to use and straightforward is a really good thing but then it only ends up being plain. Like the player’s would think, “Oh, so it’s like that. And then?” There’s that question. We would just keep on combining till we lose interest and uninstall it in the end. I suggest you put some descriptions. That if we click on the product we produced from certain elements, there’s some educational FACTS on why it came to be and what it is.

  • Thanks for the review! I would add more content to the application, e.g. descriptions of elements, but I don’t have enough time to develop it. I am a one-man programmer and I develop other applications as well. I’m sorry.

Super fun. It’s challenging and enjoyable. Really gotta use your brain lol

I enjoy playing this game. Both my daughter and myself have downloaded this game and enjoy playing it during our leisure time.

This is a really good game and idea for this and you should keep going you will make it big one day thanks for the game.1000+ maybe thank you

There is a really annoying bug where sometimes it won’t let you scroll up to get more items, tried reloading the game, doesn’t fix it, only does it sometimes, other than that, it’s a great game and does exactly what it’s meant to do, but with that bug I definitely ain’t having a 5 star experience

Creative! Just downloaded this today and can already see this being a keeper. Game play is simple but clever; you’re discovering new elements by combining previously discovered ones. It really gets you to thinking and trying different combinations. The combinations are creative and often amusing. Very clever and satisfying game. Encyclopedia could use some tuning up with a search function, would also love to see the elements in a tree format.

Love being able to play this game once again, however the colors that appear at the top and bottom when an element is dragged is driving me INSANE. I get that it helps designate the zones to discard or get info, but it just seems unnecessary and distracting.

  • Thank you for your feedback. In my opinion these zones are needed, but for example you can try to make them appear milder. I will think about it, maybe I can figure something out.

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