Grey Eyes of Death – Fight to stay alive by any means

[Game] Grey Eyes of Death

Grey Eyes of Death  Embark on a deadly journey for survival.

Your ordinary school life quickly turns around when an unknown outbreak turns humanity into flesh eating monsters. The hungry creatures ravage every corner of your home island, forcing you to quickly adapt to the new, hostile environment, and learn the ropes of survival if you wish to remain alive.

Fight to stay alive by any means you choose through the streets filled with chaos, towards the rumored last safe evacuation point. Forge friendships or make enemies on this epic, deadly adventure. Manage your ammunition through your adventure, because the dead are not the only enemy. Uncover the mysteries surrounding the outbreak as you work your way through the hordes of gray-eyed death.

Will you reach your goal, and find peace when danger lurks around every corner?

Gray Eyes of Death is a thrilling 300,000 word interactive fantasy horror novel by Norbert Mohos, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Grey Eyes of Death user reviews :

It’s pretty great. It isn’t a heavily stat based game, but I find that actually made playing it more enjoyable. The story is pretty linear, but let me tell you, a whole lot happens from start to finish. Despite not having a ton of choices, the ones you do make matter a lot. They can and will come back to bite you later on. The apocalyptic setting they created was more realistic than most, which I respect. It’s violent, gruesome, while also being heartwarming at just the right parts.

Meh. The story is engaging but it needs heavy edits. The dialogue is stilted, the language used antiquated or poorly translated, there’s a disconnect between the authors culture and the readership that’s glaring. At one point MC and their bestfriend are talking about the future (before the zombies arrive) and the bestfriend says they want to leave as soon as they can but it’ll be a few years… but you and you bestfriend are 18! Everyone refers to you both as kids. You don’t get many choices.

I play and love basically everything this developer puts out but this one was a miss. It was very poorly written and the choices are few and far between and don’t contribute to the story in any meaningful way. Disappointing when everything else they put out is stellar.

It way to much to read i want to be able to make more choices in the next game you make

Not bad, the teen MC trope is offset by originality and violence.

It really has the feel of a thriller zombie survival adventure just sad no one else has reviewed yet

Why not just write a novella instead of a game? There are hardly any choices throughout the game let alone any mechanism for it to actually matter.

It’s more of a story than having our own choices..

Not a great game. The dialog feels clunky and weird, not like a normal conversation. The main POV doesn’t really have a lot of flexibility, they’re pretty much the same regardless of your choices (which are limited anyway). Weirdly trans exclusive. Perhaps I’ve gotten too used to flexible gender options in games, but the fact that this game forces you to chose ‘what you were born as’ rather than what you identify as was definitely a little off-putting. Didn’t play past the demo, so not a 1 star

As a novel, it’s passable, 2-3/5. As a choice game, it’s frankly terrible. Over 4 pages at a time with no choices, to be greeted with (agree/disagree). It simply fails to give you choices.

Wonderful game, incredibly 10/10 would cry again

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