Griddie Islands – Fill all the islands with colors

[Game] Griddie Islands

Griddie IslandsWelcome to the world of Griddies!

A world where tiny islands are inhabited by even tinier fleas and quirky beings called Griddies!
These cute little things can be merged together to create new ones. Unlock them all and fill all the islands with colors!

Griddie Islands is an idle puzzle game where you have to match and merge tiny and cute beings to fill and discover different islands. Match same level griddies and merge them to earn cute new ones. Each time you evolve them, you’ll get more powerful options to earn even bigger rewards.

Place the cute Griddies on the islands and watch as the fleas start to jump around in excitement and produce money! Use it to buy more griddies to attract more fleas.

Merge every Griddie to discover 50+ levels, each with its own colors, look and personality. Match and puzzle them up and give your islands a unique feel!

Merge, match and level up to keep your islands filled in this lively idle merger!

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Griddie Islands user reviews :

Hey, I get it with the ads to make money. BUT, REALLY. It’s a fun game. But, I see what y’all did. 1: raising the price on each block when you move up a level. Forcing you to watch ad’s if you don’t mind the long wait for your (yellow coin) count to go up. Over price cubes if you do buy them. I hit level 6/ 8 gribbies. The price went up for level one block almost 800,000 yellow coin. It took almost 15 minutes to reach 1m yellow coin. Greed will lose.

Excellent and inventive casual idle/merge game with puzzle elements but relies on ads too much. Every other option is to watch an ad to double this, or get that for free, or upgrade this for free, etc. Super fun but the ads are intrusive even when it feels like a choice.

It was fun at first. But the ad stuff was just too intrusive. Watch an ad to get a free piece? Little icon always bouncing at the bottom. One of two daily quests is to watch ads. And most agregious is your second most largest piece for your board you can buy is free with an ad. Meaning you literally can’t buy it with in-game currency without waiting for it to go away. Eventually. Maybe :) Game looks great visually. But doesn’t teach enough, doesn’t tell enough, and doesn’t care about you enough.

Really fun, I’ve been playing it for months. It’s a real slow burner, and had gotten up to level 53 griddies (which are just level 3 with a *). Unfortunately though I had an issue with my phone and had to reset it, and found out the hard way that there is no cloud save:(. So have lost months and months of progress, and probably stop playing because it would take me ages to get back to wherel was.

  • Thank you for playing and we’re really sorry to hear you had this issue. If you want, you can contact our support team at Thank you.

A very nice game, but it has really low framerates. It seems to get lower at the higher levels, likely due to them being more detailed. Adding a low quality setting for low end phones would help. Also, more islands would be nice. Once you get all three islands there isn’t really any reason to continue playing other than to see what the later level griddles look like. Although, I have to say that the visuals and sounds are great!

  • Thank you for the suggestion!

Griddies is cute and fairly relaxing however it feels somewhat incomplete. It needs a prestige system at the very least. Around levels 15-17, you hit a point where there isn’t much to do besides wait and watch videos. Progress basically slows to a standstill at this point. The ability to prestige would help with that. I’m also not sure if there will be anything to do after you get to the third island (I have not got there yet). More islands would also be nice.

  • Hi, thank you so much for the feedback! We are always working on improving the game so any comment is welcomed. If you want, you can send us any more suggestions to support[at] Thank you!

I’ve never been big on idle farming games. I played cookie cutter when it first got popular but that’s about it. Every one I’ve tried since has felt just too dry and bland to keep playing. This game, however, was an incredible surprise for me. To begin with, the art I’d judt incredibly pretty. The sound design is top notch. The music is beautiful. The vibes are designed so well for the game’s jive. The game is just so… stylistic. The merging, progression and gameplay are also done well. 10/10

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