Grow Balls – Use items smartly to overcome challenges

[Game] Grow Balls – Purrfect Peas

Grow Balls Drop&merge same objects from a pea, a donut, a tire…a moon…to what?

Game over when the playfield is full. Play smart!

Bunt, shoot, blast: Use items smartly to overcome challenges

Find out what awaits in the end…(unlock mysterious endings)

Get many Combos to collect stars and get coins

Grow Balls user reviews :

Scaling not super accurate, but it’s extremely relaxing and cute! I absolutely love this game. The cats are the best reward this crazy cat lady could think of. To the devs, I’ve noticed that the sizes of objects in the claw remains the same as the level zooms out. It does fix itself once dropped, but thought you might like to know anyway. Love the game!

Cute game, simple interface and easy to pick up. The art style reminds me of Katamari, I like that. I paid the 99 cents to remove forced ads which is absolutely worth it, but please stop interrupting my gameplay to ask if I want to view an ad. Would be 5 stars if not for that.

Great game! Too many ads. :( Game is cute, fun, and addictive. However, the frequency and placement of some of the ads doesn’t make sense. Why does an add pop up in the middle of game play? Why do I have to watch an add after a game I won just to go back to the lobby? There are plenty of optional ads which are fine. When the ads pop up so often, it makes me not want to play.

The games a nice little puzzle game, it’s straightforward and not too hard to get around, just drop balls and merge them. My issue comes in the “press balls” which is basically a second wind, it has infinite used and you only have to watch an ad. Which means you can win every game by watching like 5 ads. I’d suggest changing it so the press is aviliable once per stage (8-16-etc) for free, with every other use being for coins or just resetting to checkpoint.

It’s fun! I like it a lot, but there’s a few changes it could do with : – More uses for coins. – Mission fixes. The missions that have you reach a ball in a certain number of moves don’t mark as complete when they are achieved. – The ability to nudge the field could be a little more powerful. – More interactions with your cats

Super fun and addictive, cute yet detailed art, and overall good controls and features. Literally, the only thing I can say negatively about it are the adds, but even then, they’re somehow not overly invasive

Alright game about dropping balls in a strategic manner to try to get them to merge. Soon after the tutorial you will notice it is a little harder to play the game without watching ads or purchasing power ups. It has a good concept and if you are lucky/skilled enough to find out what happens at the last merge you may be pleasantly surprised!

Fun to play, but the challenges don’t unlock properly. I got to the hamster wheel in 42 moves most recently and I have to challenges that won’t complete. One is reach hamster wheel by move 50 and the other is 150. Very frustrating.

Gameplay concept and mechanics are really interesting. Visuals and graphics are really nice too. Too bad they decided to force unskippable interstitial ads. I can see myself playing this game but the forced (long) ads makes this an immediate “no thank you”

Definitely fun and I like the designs a lot. I think there may be some bugs in the achievements/missions, though; I’ve definitely reached the basketball within 200 moves but it never registers as completed.

Love the game. It’s so cute. Perhaps you can make more themed chapters so the the items are varied. The cat collecting is super adorable ! Only small issue is the dropper isn’t precise sometimes. Keep up the good work guys !

Fun game for me and the kids. Great that the crusher option saves you on levels. Only downside is that the game freezes after ads sometimes, and you loose your progress.

LOVE this game. It is so well made, fun and relaxing, no bugs. And the graphics are beautiful and adorable. Ads vs purchase but ads are not super intrusive as with many apps. Warning: semi-addicting

Not entirely sure but I think the game is now soft locked, as I hit a checkpoint with the “too high” timer counting so I cannot restart fresh as it always loads me into a fail state.

Super cute and easy game to play. It good for both thoughtless time wasting and a more dedicated insightful approach. Plus they have cute cats you can interact a tiny bit with.

I really like the simple energy of this game. The endless growth of the balls is super fun, and the added cats is hilarious.

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