Guild of Guardians – Immerse yourself in a captivating fantasy world

[Game] Guild of Guardians

Guild of GuardiansEmbark upon an epic adventure with Guild of Guardians, the ultimate Fantasy Idle RPG.

Immerse yourself in a captivating fantasy world, where you can assemble an unstoppable team of mighty Guardians. You’ll strategise your battles, collect unique and extraordinary loot and runes, enhance the abilities of your Guardians, and carve out your own legendary path in this magical world.

Enter the Elderym

The Elderym was once a vibrant and thriving world but has since been devastated by a corrupting force that has laid waste to its landscapes and twisted its inhabitants. Guardians will explore the remnants of these once-great cities, now reduced to ruins, and fight with evil creatures to restore the light to Elderym once again.

Build Your Dream Team

Each Guardian possesses their own unique abilities and skills. Assemble your squad and strategically customise your Guardians to crush your enemies. Those who dare step in your way will not survive.

Conquer Challenging Dungeons

You’ll face off against the most fearsome of enemies in a series of increasingly challenging dungeon raids, but with each victory you will collect new powerful resources and equipment to level-up your Guardians before continuing on in your epic journey.

Loot, Craft, and Summon

Craft powerful weapons and summon new Guardians using the rewards from your Dungeons Challenges. Use the new assets and Guardians to progress in your adventure.

Climb the Leaderboard

The most powerful and fearless Guardians will soar to the top of the leaderboard for a chance at winning some very exciting seasonal prizes.
What are you waiting for? Your epic adventure starts right here, right now. Forge your path to greatness and conquer your enemies in Guild of Guardians today!


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Guild of Guardians user reviews :

It’s a decent game but quite buggy. On some stages you would die because you never seem to gain any mana so your ults become useless. Not to mention enemies all target your weakest character (which is only 5 levels below them) and end up oneshotting it in an instant. On the other hand your other characters who are 5 levels above enemies can only chip away at enemies slowly. A team of lv60s epics and legendaries with one lv50 loses to a stage with recommended guardian level of lv55.

Without paying, moving up to pass the next level story progress could hold to a halt because of slow grinding, limited resources, energy, and gold to expend. And what’s the point of having ‘common’ characters when you can just get and focus on the elite characters to level up? I just wasted money on this game to try to progress. The game is limiting me how much I want to play and slows me down to gain level faster. I quit.

Sufficiently addicted, really enjoying the game modes and crafting Edit after a few weeks of playing: overall I still like the game, but… Pvp (arena) is very unenjoyable. There seems to be not much rhyme or reason when you’ll win a fight. Just feels like rolling dice. The thing I liked best about the game was the story mode. The story mode grinds to an absolute halt until you spend week(s) leveling your character. Endless is also becoming to repetitive w/o enough payoff to stay interesting

Was enjoying the game and progressing well. Then I got to the endless mode and was forced to sign into something to play it, but you have to agree that the game can make transaction requests??? I’m not sure what that is, but I don’t trust it. You can’t play until you agree, either. No, thank you, I won’t be wasting anymore time.

Really liking the game and graphics are great… I do have a problem with not being able to complete an entire 3part dungeon due to the power increases of bosses..Seems like the bosses power increases as my team power does so I can never catch up/ advance..please keep bosses at a given level ..really my only rant.. On a side note; having to choose a “Curse of Fate” rune that gives the enemy a field advantage is off the charts unnecessary.

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