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[Game] Time War

Time WarLet’s travel by opening the door of time! “Time War”

We take you on a fantastic time travel adventure. “Time War” is a mysterious time-traveling game where players gain unique experiences as they travel from ancient civilizations to modern times and into the future.

Game Features

Challenge yourself through time: travel to ancient temples, medieval villages, modern cities, and worlds filled with futuristic technology. Each era presents its own unique fun and challenges.

Food gathering and strategic upgrades: Collect food and . Collect food from each era to develop your own civilization and take over your opponent’s buildings.
Drive your civilization forward through building upgrades and resource management.

The adventure begins with a time machine: As if you were in a time machine, you are transported to different eras at the start of the game. Travel through time and conquer different eras by solving challenges and earning rewards in each era.

Various civilizations and relics: Collect relics from various civilizations and eras in history. You can experience a deeper story through interactions with civilizations and artifacts, and earn rewards by completing special missions.

“Time War” will immerse you in the dynamic and exciting world of time travel. Be prepared before you head out on your adventure. The journey begins!

Time War user reviews :

Pretty good game, although quite repetitive. No forced ads. Really slow to begin, after each universe reset, gaining a few small coins each time in the “stone age” in order to advance, and the only sensible way to advance is to buy the tank ASAP (ignoring almost everything else), with each successive era getting quicker and quicker. You get 3 “characters” per era, per universe. Universe “7” goes back to the original set of characters … I’m not sure if there is any benefit to playing more.

The fact that they don’t hit you with a microtransaction until after you’ve played for like 20 to 30 minutes is honestly impressive. Compare that to the obvious money, grab apps and games everywhere else where ads are plastered to the point where you can barely see the game… This one is a clear winner and on top of that it’s actually quite a bit of fun!

I don’t want to say the game is bad but I do need to point out that there are UI issues everywhere. Text is too large for the spacing words or extending past the borders of objects or Windows. Everything just looks unprofessional. There’s even what I assume is Chinese text on some of the areas. This seems like it was released way too early.

Very short lived of fun. It gets repetitive quickly. You’ll also need to watch a lot of ads in order to double up on coins, which helps advance in getting stronger. Also, some ad-based gems that you can watch and get, we’ll they don’t even work most of the time even if you want to get it. Not a quality game.

Another one of these games, but this one is refreshing. Combat feels faster than other ones, missions are a bit substantial, I just hope it stays as refreshing. No forced ads, the evolutions feel like an increase in power. Good job, keep it up!

Fun but every time after a battle when I watch an ad to get X2 it reloads the game and I get no coins at all if I miss hitting the x to close the ad out. Love the preregistration bonus!

  • Hello, this is Springcoms. Thank you for enjoying our game. We are preparing many content upgrades and gifts in the future. If you look forward to it and enjoy it, please introduce it to your friends. thank you

I dig it so far and like that there are no forced ads. However I’ve found that watching ads voluntarily for rewards within the ingame shop hasn’t actually rewarded me any of the half dozen times I’ve tried.

This game is awesome! No forced ads. Ad rewards are worth the watch. Purchases are available, but absolutely not required to progress. Graphics are fitting. Solid game!

Fun, however none of the ads in the store work. You watch it, but get nothing after. As such, there is no way to get keys. The ads to double the money do work though. Edit, also the daily reset did not get keys… dungeons are not available

This is a fun time passer and offline for when I have no internet although I can get annoying when the higher evolution you get the less likely you can get enough hunger to summon the first helper before the enemy comes out the cave.

  • Hello, this is springcomes. Thank you for playing and rating our game. We will take note of the shortcomings you mentioned and update in a better direction. Thank you for your feedback on the game.

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