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[Game] My Plants Evolution

My Plants EvolutionCollect and upgrade your favorite weed species in this new idle strategy game. Manage every stage of production, from cultivation, processing to irrigation.

Flower farm made in a antistress Asian style, accompanied by a relaxing musical theme.

You can feel the calming fall of the delicate petals of the sakura and represent the breath of the soft East wind.

Meditation is the most accessible way to know yourself, calm down and hear your mind.
This technique has been widely used and used to this day in the countries of the east, and now around the world: it is excellent in helping to get rid of toxic thoughts and correctly direct your internal flow of Qi energy.

You will choose the evolution of your plant.
Unlock and upgrade various items: lamps, pots, fertilizers, watering cans, rooms that directly affect progress.

My Plants Evolution user reviews :

I enjoyed the relaxing music and the raising of my plant. I liked the tea mini game and some of the upgrades add some life to the game which I got to enjoy over the course of a week or more (not active on the timers). The only thing I didn’t like is when it came time to raise a new one I would’ve liked to keep the upgrades to raise the new plant as who throws out all of this stuff to raise a new plant. Sure it’d feel like cheating to some but it feels more like time wasted to me.

Love this game, kinda relaxing and easier to manage than a real plant. However, there are few issues going on. First, translation issue in English, dont understand when it says how tall my plant has grown. Second, tea pouring mini game has minor bug after failing the second time. Third, after reading info, cannot get back to the game.

A very enjoyable game to just check in on and water your plant, however I wish that when you where to transition to a new plant you could keep your upgrades or just have a slightly faster time, I can grow a plant to make before needing to get the most expensive upgrades.

I think the waiting times are a little long :/ but I still really like the game! And if you could make a game where you try to make sure a space station doesn’t explode i think that would be fun. Also all your games are awesome and I play them all!

A nice little app to help relax, and much easier to take care of than a real plant. However, the tea-pouring mini-game seems to have a bug where after receiving two red x’s it closes in the middle of the try after that

A very well designed game. It fascinates me that something ti simple can be so perfect… Evolving your own little plant and taking care of it. All of this followed by amazing music and scenery. Truly a masterpiece made for you to forget all of your problems and let off some steam. Proper good job devs, you made someone’s life happier!

It’s a very pretty game, with a great concept and design. Though I encountered some translation issues, or just misunderstood a few concepts, I’m really enjoying it so far! The mechanics of the Samurai Tea mini-game could be better though. I hope to see this game improving and growing!

Great game! Just needs bug fixing in the translation and other stuff and ofc more updates keep it up devs! Very relaxing I mean I know it takes a while but when I’m busy it still grows can you please add so you can talk to your plant and make it a friend while growing up nice game deserves 5 stars and pls make it cuter good game

I grow plants for a living and this is close to the real thing. Just one plant and you watch it grow slowly. Relaxing and only takes a couple minutes out of your day, so not time consuming at all. Be nice if you could grow more than one plant at a time to maybe be more involved. Otherwise I enjoy watching my plant evolve gradually.

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