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Guitar Solo StudioBe a hero of the 6 strings and play the best guitar simulator on Android.

Learn to play with multiple lessons or connect an external guitar using an adapter to enjoy real time effects with multiple pedals.

Guitar Solo Studio has the most accurate sound and it includes all the features you expect from a virtual guitar.

Suitable from experts to beginners, you will find a easy use tool to learn your scales, notes and chords on a beautiful fretboard.

Beginners will learn the basics of playing the guitar, while the musicians will have a perfect tool to play their riffs without a guitar amplifier, learn new scales or composing anywhere.

The main features are:

Multiple lessons to learn to play the guitar, with demos of some musical styles, as flamenco, rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, arpeggios

Connect an external real guitar using any hardware interface and use multiple multi-effects modules, like overdrive, delay, chorus, reverb or flanger (more pedals coming soon). You won’t need an amplifier. Enjoy the lowest possible latency.

Different guitars with high quality sound: classical, electrical, acoustic and overdrive guitar.
Full 19 frets guitars.
The same real-time pedal effects setup is also available for the simulator without the external guitar. Get the tone you love using FX pedals.
3 modes to learn to play guitar music: Solo mode, Scales mode and Chords mode.
Record, listen and export your sessions to MIDI format and use your own songs in your favourite DAW software.

You can also encode (fastest encode engine) your tracks to other audio formats, like MP3 and OGG.
Playback control position and speed.
Multiple scales and chords to learn.
Different tunes and transposes.
Very low lag.
This app is free, but you can acquire a VIP license to remove permanently ads and unlock new features and lessons.

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Guitar Solo Studio user reviews :

Too many ads to evaluate this app. With in the first minute I had to watch 3 ads. Any time you click a menu item, be prepared for a commercial.

  • We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the ads. We’ve reduced the frequency of ads in the latest updates to enhance user experience. Thank you for your patience.

I want to give an honest feedback here, coming from someone who’s played guitar for 10+ years I have to say this app is probably one of the best to get someone to learn or to introduce them to guitar. Although its strange no bending is the app, the variety of tones is amazing and the pedals let you choose a endless amount of settings. I wish there was a button to keep a string picked but you slide your fingers up and down the board. I also wish there was some kind of tremolo to change pitch.

  • Thanks for your feedback and we are glad you enjoy it. Bending is planned for future releases. Best regards, Batalsoft Support

It is fine, but I hate the audio recording thing, the thing that asks you to plug your guitar into your phone, I don’t have any guitar that works well, and I don’t have any wire for it, and I don’t have any other type of guitar besides 2 broken electric guitars. Other than that, the app is good. I also, have to say that the ads are fine, just they’re annoying if I can’t close out of them, and such.

  • The option to plug in your guitar is just one feature and not required to use the app. There are affordable adapters available, but the app remains functional without this option. We appreciate your feedback!

I am a guitar player. I have my own band play Heavy Rock metal. I really enjoy this. I can stretch my fingers out. Really rip through the scales. I’ve been playing since I was eight years old My cousin told me if you can learn 5 chords, you can play the song. And I do and I can and I cand I did and I can. Oh, it’s because I know you made a winner here. Really? At least for me, thanks. Can’t wait to really get in there and see what this thing can do.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience! We’re thrilled to hear our app is making a difference in your practice sessions. Keep rocking!

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