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DubStep MusicDownload DubStep Music Creator III and start creating your own music for FREE now!

Use our beatpad and song maker to create, discover, and share your music. We make the music creating process simpler and easier but with the ability to customize every aspect of the beat. Start jamming, because the sky is the limit for your creativity! This new version brings you so much fun.

Have you ever dreamed to become a great DJ or music producer? Now you can kickstart your career by using your phone to make music. With our FREE music and dub step song maker, you don’t need to spend so much money purchasing a real beatpad to practice or create music. Turn your phone into a rhythm machine with our app and feel the magix as you tap on our music pad.

You can record the music you make with DubStep Music app to listen later or share with your friends.

In DubStep Song Maker, we provide great sound filters and FX to make your music even better. We have Echo, Low pass, High pass, Reverb, Distortion, Chorus, and Pitch.

You can customize the sequencer of each beatpad button. Simply tap on the Equalizer and tap on any pad that you want to customize. You can also adjust the volume, pitch, stereopan, BPM, and other aspects of the music.

Other features of Dub Step Music Pad:

User friendly and simple to use
4 x 4 beatpad
Stop and start recording with only one touch.

Mastering our Dub Step song maker is not hard. With a little bit of practice you can create truly awesome songs and music using only your phone. You will be surprised on the type of music you can create with our awesome song maker in a short amount of time. If you are truly dedicated to create cool music, you will be able to make some truly astounding dubstep music.

Also, Dub Step is FREE so you don’t have to spend any money to start creating. All you need is some creativity and you will be able to create some magix.
Your journey as an awesome DJ and music producer start here!

Note: Although DubStep Music Creator III is Free, you can make in app purchases to remove ads and to add the length of the recording.

Please send us an email if you find any issue when using DubStep Music Creator III. We will fix the issue as soon as possible. We also promise to frequently upgrade our app to improve functionality and remove bugs.

Do you enjoy using our music creator app? If you do, please support us by leaving us a rating and review!

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DubStep Music user reviews :

Absolutely AMAZING!!sooo many options and easy to understand and it gives you a tutorial (if you want one) but you can also skip the tutorial too..this is just …WOW I am beyond impressed, like I said the options not only havedifferent “instrument picks” but you can change every single ones pitch and how fast it goes or how slow and much much more!! like just wow!! Thank you so so very much I really enjoy this amazing app!!

Love the DubStep music app but I tapped on watch an Ad to unlock other instrument but it didn’t work and I’ve an active mobile network. Lastly, And it is difficult to Scroll down through the list of Audio samples and it stops at “FX 4” beat sound and I’m sure that there’re more down there! I hope you got my hint! In the next update pls include; => Work on the Ads in the app. => It should be easy to navigate freely through the Sound samples and so on.

For me, this app is a definite 5 star but there is some issues where the beats are being slowed down and scratching when I make a beat and ready to record it. I’m currently using a Samsung galaxy a 02, so maybe it’s my phone that’s incompatible with the app. Also I can’t seem to find my recordings on my phone. Overall, it’s a wonderful app. Respect to the developers.

  • Dear user, thanks a lot for your precious review. Sound crackling may occur on some devices. To solve the issue, you may turn down the volume and decrease the sound FX levels. You can find your audio recordings in folder “/Internal Storage/Android/Data/com.ElfizMedia.DubstepMusicCreator3RhythmMachineBeatMaker/files”. Best wishes

This is hilarious. I have given it 4 stars because the app has got no other music instruments like piano keyboard, guitars and other stuff to be added on the beat being made. Otherwise the app is best for me so far. Thanks but please take time to go through and add the necessary instruments.

Excellent app for learning step sequencing and how to access sound sample banks, quite a blend of samples and different dub styles.absolutely tidy u.i. very efficient .so all in all I would say four stars until you can see that the person using your app needs to have access to some decent contemporary sounds not antiquated nonsense.but yes a second look may be five stars .excellent job developers .

  • Thanks for your beneficial review. It has been noted. Stay safe and sound! Best wishes

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