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Piano Solo HDWhy use Piano Solo HD?

Because it is the definitive tool for playing piano on your smartphone or tablet.

Easy use, multiple songs to learn, different virtual instruments and advanced features make this app suitable both for beginners or advanced musicians.

You can also record your songs and export to multiple formats. It also includes 2 additional keyboards for automatic major and minor chords, so composing songs has never been so easy and fun. You can also connect to multiple devices using MIDI and multiply your creativity.

The main features are:
Easy and intuitive user interface
81 keys full piano
Multiple popular and classic songs to learn
Different exclusive instruments: Grand Piano, Honky tonk piano, Pipe Organ, Xylophone and Synthesizer. More instruments are coming soon. Please stay tuned!
Use the MIDI over USB interface to connect to a keyboard controller or a PC/Mac and use your preferred DAW (Note: MIDI I/O is only supported for Android Versions >=6.0)
Import your own SoundFont SF2 banks and presets to play and export music.
Pitch bend wheel (also for MIDI output)
Easy to use metronome.
Hold and stop all notes buttons.
Set the exact number of keys on screen that better fits your device.
Record your songs. You can export to different audio formats, like MP3, OGG and even MIDI. Share the resulting file with your friends
Automatic chords for musical accompaniment
Playback speed control. Set position and speed both in the included songs or your own recorded loops
Low latency. No other apps from competitors gets even closer

This app is free, but you can acquire a permanent VIP license for remove ads and enjoy exclusive songs and instruments.

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Piano Solo HD user reviews :

No features are unlocked and All features are shown unlocked in promotion on Play Store to mislead. All features are paid. Very sad.

Perfect piano is installed in my phone and it’s way better than this app for sure. I recommend to all the piano player app seekers to install perfect piano, it is a very good app and don’t misunderstand me by thinking that I am here to advertise the app called perfect piano .

  • It’s a great app too. And now we will tell you some features exclusive from Piano Solo HD: fastest latency in a piano app, you can use the app as an external keyboard in MAC or Windows, you can set playback speed, rewind and fast forward, use your own SoundFonts SF2 as banks, Pitch Wheel, export your sessions to MIDI, OGG, stop sustained sounds,etc

It’s pretty good except that it can’t detect sustain pedal after I connected to my midi keyboard, even pressing the sustain button on the phone was not working.

  • Hi again. New version 3.6.13 is now compatible with sustain pedal. Thanks

Well this app Piano solo is incredible, its one the best the only problem I have experienced is that some times if fails to play 3 keys at the same time, which makes a chord.

  • Thank you! The issue is probably related to “gestures” enabled in your Android device. Please, turn off 3 fingers gestures

Nice! I like how responsive it is. Of course if you got a phone with lots of memory and fast cpu. Seems like Everything works well! Nice app!

  • Thank you!

The notes sounds too short for me and also the keys are together so playing the right Key’s a bit tricky. I need other instruments, violin viola,cello and others

  • Hi, you can adjust the number of keys on screen by pressing the + and – button. This way you can adjust the width of keys. We appreciate the suggestions. Best, Batalsoft Support. EDIT: Now you can change the release time (time that a note takes to fade out) in the Settings section of the app.

Wow i love this piano solo it does not delay when you are playing it and i can change to any other instrumental tone i want is very cool and nice… thanks to the developers.

  • We are glad you enjoy it. Thanks for using our app

Respected Sir/Madam, Please add option to open sheet music midi and manual practice with piano roll onscreen keyboard like “Synthesia”, Please add, All your Apps are Perfect and Best, Thank you, Sir/Madam, Yours Faithfully

  • Thank you for your kind words and suggestion. We are glad to know that you find our apps helpful. We will definitely study the possibility of adding an option to open MIDI notes files. Are you referring to a piano roll or showing sheet music? . Your feedback is important to us as we strive to improve our apps. Best regards

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