Gummy Slide – A perfect way to relax and unwind

[Game] Gummy Slide – Relaxing Puzzle

Gummy SlideGummy Slide offers a delightful blend of fun and challenge, providing a perfect way to relax and unwind.

Slide the colorful gummies and witness their satisfying disappearance, bringing a sense of calm that helps you de-stress and escape the outside world.

Experience a refreshing twist to the classic gameplay as you slide the gummies in rows and columns, combining them in exciting new ways.

Whether you seek a momentary respite from work, a soothing wind-down before bed, or a peaceful escape, Gummy Slide is the ultimate companion. Embrace the soothing joy of this serene game and give it a try.

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Gummy Slide user reviews :

Minus one star: when a board is completed and extra pieces are placed to generate coins, not all firecrackers, bombs, etc. are activated. Minus one star: the photos and other goals aren’t that interesting to me, who likes to play “pure” without using tools. It takes forever to generate a photo. At least I can turn off wifi and play without ads.

Just downloaded yesterday. Game seems fun. It is not like all the other match games and it has other games mixed throughout. However, it keeps freezing during ads and at end of a round. I have to keep closing & opening it. *** If problem stops or fixes, I will update my review.

  • Hi Julie, sorry for the inconvenience. Please shake your phone and click on the pop-up that opens on the top so we can troubleshoot your issue. Have a wonderful day, and see you soon in Gummy Slide.

Really enjoying this game, it’s a unique take on the standard match 3 game. its really fun to solve the levels and the game runs smoothly. love the vibrant colors and cute little robot. ads are reasonable and understandable. plenty of options for a as free purchase. the game is very awarding in boosters and you collect puzzle pieces to create a photo memory. definitely recommend this game!

  • Hi Marianne, thanks for playing Gummy Slide and for the great review. Have a great day! The Gummy Slide Team.

Game keeps freezing during game play or at the end of a level! Had a notification to say I’ve had a reply however there is no reply showing

  • Hi Martine, we are sorry you are experiencing those issues. Please shake your phone while you are blocked in the app. A popup will appear for you to report the problem. This helps us understand and fix it as soon as possible. Your feedback is crucial!

This is not like any match 3 game I have ever played. Instead of switching 2 squares to make a match, you have to move entire columns or rows to make a match and reach your goal. Once I got the hang of it , I really enjoyed play it.

Loved this game immediately, it reminds me of Chuzzle, one of my faves from back in the day, but as usual the experience is ruined by excessive ads and I certainly don’t need the finger constantly pointing for me to start the next level, it’s annoying and an insult to my intelligence!!!

  • Thank you for your feedback! We’re glad you love the game. Ads support our game’s development, but we constantly seek ways to balance this with a great user experience. We’ll definitely take your feedback into account. Following your comment, we will remove the tuto hand for advanced players in the next update. Have a good day!

I love the graphics and unique game play. I actually ran into a problem around midnight and was very shocked and pleased the issue was handled by the morning. I would absolutely recommend this game to others.

  • Thanks for your support! I hope you have a great day.

It’s a very no-nonsense game with satisfying graphics and a relaxing atmosphere. My only criticism so far would be the extremely sharp difficulty spike that occurs about 40-50 levels in. It becomes really hard to beat levels without spending coins for extra moves, and I think it happens rather early on, especially if you want to keep people playing.

  • Thank you very much for your review. We are glad you enjoyed the game feel. We always collect user feedback that we can apply to enhance our game, and we will look into the difficulty you experienced. Meanwhile, I hope you will continue playing Gummy Slide. Have a good day.

it’s great and relaxing an I love it! no better way to travel around the world without money

Awesome! The idea to combine Match-3 with sliding rows and columns is just pure genius! Kudos to whoever came up with it!

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