Happy Zone – Become the strongest on the battlefield

[Game] Happy Zone – Battle Royale

Happy ZoneOnline Battle Royale with thousands of players from all over the world!

Upgrade your characters, weapons, use supplies and become the only winner of the HAPPY ZONE!

Choose your style with grenades, drones and even airstrikes! Choose characters and unlock new guns to become the strongest on the battlefield! Upgrade your equipment and build up your power!

Break boxes, collect loot from defeated enemies and save valuable resources!

12 players and only one goal: to become the only survivor on the battlefield!

Invite your friends and win together in a special squad mode!

Climb to the top of the leaderboard, earn unique rewards and become the star of the HAPPY ZONE! Top players are updated every season!

Up to 3 minutes of epic arena battle royale!
Convenient control with auto-shooting, somersaults and the use of cover!
Lots of weapons: assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, snipers, drones, airstrikes, grenades and melee!
A large set of characters with a unique skills and appearance!
Lots of interactive and destructible objects on the map!
An incredible amount of action and amazing possibilities!
Good optimization and high FPS even on weak devices!
Hide behind cover!
Tactical action shooter!
Escape from prison!

Happy Zone user reviews :

Haven’t played this much, but I think I like it. However, one thing that is particularly concerning, is the lack of a way to connect with others online. I’ve been trying to find any social media platform about this game, but to no avail. I would highly recommend to make a Discord server, which would improve the game in several ways: feature suggestions, bug reports, content creation and easier connection between players! Please consider this. I’d upgrade this review just for that alone.

  • this is a great idea, we will insert a link to our communities in the future, including discord! thanks for the good advice

The game is very nice, dont get me wrong. But the ads after every match are long and unskippable and ruins the whole experience. Why dont you rather monetize your game in other ways rather than unskippable ads. Fix this and i will recommend it to people. DON’T SPOIL A GOOD THING !!!

This game is quite good! I do recomend it, it’s combat is good, could use a bit of improvement though. Something I’ll recomend is that after 5 matches, players are gifted with a drone. It will be very helpful seeing how my experience has been. I think you can also improve the GUI, how it look and user interface. Anyway, the game overall is going in a good direction, nice game! Actually great game!

  • Thanks! We will try to improve the game.

There was a time when the devs used to pride themselves for not having any ads. And I used to recommend the game to every one of my friends. I get that you need to earn money but unskipable ads after every match is unbearable. It would be better if you added Skins and kept them at a high price. And options to earn skins by watching a certain amount of ads. That way we can return to the good old days of 4.7 rated BR masterpiece.

It’s a good game,I really recommend it but if possible id like a couple upgrades,for example when you shoot someone and that someone dies in the storm make it that if he died 5 seconds before the hit you get the kill and if 5 seconds after you don’t,and on the next battle pass add more skins and other cool items into it not just chests and finally add more variety of in game support items, like a shield,a map and other perks, I’d really appreciate it,but overalls it’s a good game,many hours in

Just started but so far so good. Controls are smooth And the gameplay is pretty evenly matched. Not many different maps or game modes. Only battle royale, no headhunt or deathmatch. What are you going to tell all those still really good game I’d definitely recommend

  • Thanks for the feedback! We will take into account your suggestions. We work on innovations every day.

Game is so interesting in this type of graphics map all are good. Update is going right way. But sir we want to play with friend in custom match and also update option for gift sending to friend. We want to surprise our friends. And update more character and more things.

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