Dangerzone – Inspired by retro arcade games

[Game] Dangerzone – 3D Space Shooter

DangerzoneDangerzone is a 3D space shooter inspired by retro arcade games like Space Invaders.

Dangerzone offers an interesting enviroment, an appealing design, pleasing aesthetic, a variaty of weapon power-ups, a multitude of enemies and stunning music & sound effects.

The weapon system of Dangerzone is divided in two categories.

A primary canon for laser projectiles, rockets, laser beam, bullet spread and much more.
A secondary canon to fire fusion bombs.

Left touch button to move spaceship to the left.
Right touch button to move spaceship to the right.
Upper right touch button to shoot fusion bomb.
Collect cubes to upgrade your primary weapon for laser projectiles.

Amazing lighting and special effects
Global leaderboards.
Boss battles.
Primary canon upgrade (Laser projectiles).
Outstanding space levels with interesting challenges.
Impressive graphical and design features.
Stunning audio.
Classical gameplay.
Levels of difficulty (4 difficulty settings).

Dangerzone is an unique Alien Galaxy Space Shooter in its own way and is like no other.
You won´t regret playing it. Have fun.

Dangerzone user reviews :

Good graphics, but that’s about all I can give it. Power multiplier maxes out too low, making collecting score objectives meaningless other than leaderboards. Controls are nonresponsive and don’t function even when you’re directly on the button, leading to frustrations. One handed slide controls would be significantly better for this unless the current control scheme can be corrected.

  • Hi Lune, thanks for the Feedback

Nice graphics, could use more firing power. Controls could just be half of the screen, right side and left side, then it doesn’t matter where you put your fingers and you don’t need markers. Finishing a level needs option to just play the next one. Menu should not load (wouldn’t matter if levels played one after another). The level selection menu works the wrong way, up goes down. Better with swipe. Let me swipe up to move it up and see the items below. At least remember the last level played.

  • Hi Lucas ‘Ktulu789, thanks for the feedback

Finished the levels but did not try other difficulty modes because it is too repetitive. Overall enjoyment deserves 5 stars, maybe you should consider implementing dynamic movement buttons. Stationary buttons are painful in this time of mobile gaming.

  • Hi, thanks for the feedback. I will take your suggestions into consideration

controls are too unresponsive and sluggish for a shoot em up, the enemy bullets are hard to see when lots happening, so for these 2 points I wont be playing this game, otherwise quite nice graphics.

  • Hi Dave, thanks for the feedback. The navigation has now been updated for a better user experience. Increased illumination of enemy bullets for better visibility.

The main area which lets this game down are the controls. The pads are located to high up & having momentum on the spaceship is not a good idea IMO.

  • Hi Michael, thanks for the feedback. The navigation on the spaceship has now been updated for a better user experience. Pads have been positioned down and momentum on the spaceship has been eliminated.

Just play a few times but love it so far. Great graphics and controls. Arcade experience with powerups droping and such.

  • Hi David, thanks for the feedback

Works on my Note 8. Addictive. A bit retro which at 66 is ok since I only reached middle age last yr at 65 so I’m a bit old-fashioned, old-school & thus retro.

  • Hi Doug, thanks for the feedback

I didn’t like the movement of the player ship. It’s like it’s moving through mud. Uninstalled after a few minutes play.

  • Hi Wayne, thanks for the feedback. The navigation on the spaceship has now been updated for a better user experience. Momentum on the spaceship has been eliminated.

just like the first persins review, its ok and No adds so far ..

  • Hi Billy, thanks for the feedback:) The navigation has now been updated for a better user experience.

Good game

  • Hi Man Owns, i made the game with the Temp-Upgrades in mind. I would like to upgrade the game, but since the game is a one man development game, its very time consuming for changes. (Design, programming etc)

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