Quaser One – Space survival and resource management

[Game] Quaser One

Quaser OneControl your spaceship, manage your resources!

Challenging sci-fi resource management and spaceship simulation game.

Quaser is a sci-fi resource management game in which you manage different sections of a spaceship with scarce resources. The complexity involved in keeping the ship functional and oneself alive is the core of the game. Watch the gauges and monitor your resources carefully and hold your breath – space is unforgiving.

You are the command module pilot of the spaceship Quaser, in this resource management game. All goes smoothly until the craft is halfway through its mission, when increasing failures threatens the crew’s oxygen and power supplies.

You faced with the possibility of becoming marooned in space. Your oxygen could run out, you could be poisoned by carbon dioxide accumulations, or you could freeze to death when your electricity run out. You have to survive managing 5 different sections of the ship with limited resources to reach your destination.

4 years ago, the spaceship Quaser-II from Earth journeyed deep into the galaxy. There due to an anomaly, it crash landed on the planet 228 Hydra.

All communication is lost since then. But before cut-off from Earth, strange encrypted messages received from the ship.

After eighteen months of preparation, Quaser-II’s little brother spacecraft Quaser-I is set on route to unravel the mystery surrounding the incident and save the crew.

But the increasing number of failures aboard the ship and lack of resources, chances of successfully completing the mission seems more distant than ever…

Localised in Englsh and Turkish (Türkçe).
Space survival and resource management
Spaceship simulation
Unique real-time strategic gameplay
Polished HD graphics
A dark and melancholic ambience
Epic enigmatic story
Non-combat strategy
Regular updates with user feedback
No ads or in-app purchase
No permissions required

Quaser One user reviews :

Pretty cool game with resource management. I gave 4/5 just because the saved game is not loaded correctly: resource flow seems frozen upon reload. Menus and game navigation works but it is impossible to continue. Too bad, it’s a cool game with a great spartan ui.

This game would be great with 10 more systems to fix and monitor, and be non ending.

3.7 it’s OK good but at the end you are just siting thare for 30 min and nothing happens when you finish no cutsceen nothing

Pretty cool game. I love sifi games looking forward next game.

  • Thank you for your comment Mike. My new game Pantenite just published. Your feedback would mean a lot.

Wait One is a better name for this game. Everything eats up your time, and with no reason behind it. You’re given tasks to complete with no compulsion as to why other than the threat of loss. End game, you’re required to level all systems to 5. I may be off, but the amount of time you get everything from 4 to 5 would take 54 minutes. 54 minutes of sit and do nothing. There’s literally nothing to manage, no threat, no emotional investment in the story, ship, crew, ECT. None of that includes the time that it takes to gather resources. Most can be done idly while waiting on a system to finish upgrading, but not all. Incredibly thin, boring, uninspired gameplay. D-.

Awesome Game, Easy enough to figure out. How everything is connected. Completed it !! Got all to lev 5, kept all the crew alive. Got to destination. Realy hope your going to update and add to this !!! idea’s below: We just got are ship and remaining 3 crew members to our destination. Awake revive crew. Prep Main ship to be left alone? Or Prep and pilot a Lander. Or take Our (Main ship) this one we just kept running to get to destinations. Into planet/through atmosphere. ( like the game we just done). repairing monitoring the vessel to readying it to land. Then later more updates. Set up stay alive on planet !! Or take off again , get back in to space. Re connect with main ship and go to a different destination. Very good concept well done.

Great game, really exciting and keeps you on your toes! I guess the one drawback is trying to figure out how everything is connected. I wish there was a log of alerts to go back and reference. They pop up quickly then they’re gone.

This is a pretty short. I beat this is less that four hours. Someone clearly put in some level of research to make this feel real. Recommend to play if you like simulated spaceship repair

Great game concept. However, I find that I keep running out of O2. The sliders say “Adjust slider to balance resources”, but it isn’t clear which direction the player should move the sliders in. Other than that, I really like this game.

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