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[App] HappyLighting

HappyLightingHappyLighting is a Bluetooth lamp control software.

1. you can control the HappyLighting Bluetooth lights for color matching.

2. you can control the timing of HappyLighting Bluetooth lights.

3. can control the HappyLighting Bluetooth lamp to set the lighting mode.

4. you can change the color of the light according to the music.

If your Bluetooth lamp doesn’t start with “Triones, BRGlight, Dream, Light” in the Bluetooth list, don’t download this app, because this app only controls these Bluetooth lamp devices.

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HappyLighting user reviews :

Not bad, but one thing is missing. You can either select phone or device mic (comes with the LED strip), but only when I select device mic I have access to the 3 other modes of music sync. Not sure why you shouldn’t be able to. If this is patched, I’ll give 5 stars. Also, it needs location sevices turned on. Really stupid, but I don’t care that much.

Bought 6 lights over a 5 month period. I want to be able to adjust the speeds and rates at which the lights run but I can’t find anything that will let me do it in the app. I’ve tried messing with the dream settings but nothing I do works. It would be nice if I could get all 6 lights in sync. Other than that the lights are cool and the app is easy enough to use.

Terrible app and most likely not a very functionable LED light strip anyway.. The app is not user friendly and no reset if you make an error, nor is there anyway to save a colour or set up a colour pattern. The user guide gives multiple model versions but there is no version on the box of lights. So you have to pick and choose which one you think works. I feel this company has a long way to go perfecting their LED light strips & especially the app. GOVEE knows what they are doing.

It would be fine app if the timer funtionality didn’t keep trailing further and further everyday. So after week or two it opens hours away from the time it’s suppose to start which is rather annoying.

It connects to my lights and turns them on/off with the power button but the timers stopped working. Worked the first time, then turned on several minutes late, and now it either doesn’t work at all or is so delayed I’m not around to see it. The user interface to select the device in the timers tab is confusing.

The lights turn on 2hrs after time selected a 2hrs late to turn off please fix, this wasn’t always the case but has been happening the last 6 months or so.

Can anyone tell me how to get it out of the RGB setting bc it won’t let me chose any other color then red green or yellow and I don’t like any of them!

Works good. Just wish I could delete the 3 songs it comes with. Definitely not my kind of music. It’s annoying trying to change the songs I have downloaded and trying to navigate offroad. Otherwise probably 5 stars.

Even when my Bluetooth is on, sometimes it still doesn’t register. I still get great use of of this app especially because the remote that came with our lights doesn’t work at all

I am amazed how connecting was easy and is smooth and stable. All worked in 3 seconds! So I don’t understand why other users report issues regarding BT pairing… Anyway I’m not giving 5 stars because colors are not always correct, and it has intrusive ads when (and because) the app is running in background. I hate that. I’d rather have ads within the app…

I was concerned when I read the bad reviews. But the app installed within seconds, I opened it up and it worked immediately. I did not have to search or detect anything. I just opened the app, started pushing buttons to change colors and it worked flawless. There are easy preset colors and you can even phase or strobe single colors or combinations of colors. It’s incredibly easy and works great!! I have a Galaxy S10 if that helps.

Some features are kinda pointless. You either have to use music downloaded to your phone, or you have to have your microphone on constantly. It would be far better if you could connect a streaming service account for such. This app lacks any sort of google home support, thus, meaning you have to go to the app to do anything light related. The final tab on the right is very confusing. There’s no description of what it does and you can’t make custom color settings. Good light, bad UI.

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