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[Game] Helicopter Simulator Warfare

Helicopter Simulator WarfareIntroducing Helicopter Simulator: Sky Warfare, a pulse-quickening helicopter combat simulator placing you at the helm of formidable aerial machines.

Boasting over 30 helicopter models, including advanced choppers like the Apache, Bell 360 Invictus, Kamov and Mi-24 B, gear up for fierce aerial duels against other helicopters, ground vehicles, and challenging missions spanning global conflict zones.

Upgrade your weaponry to dominate the skies, plunging into high-definition aerial battles. Revel in the aftermath of intense skirmishes, navigating awe-inspiring city views and the eerie landscapes of the Chernobyl nuclear plant.

HeliSim’s lifelike missions demand balanced offense and defense, tasking you with safeguarding your base whilst launching assaults on adversaries. Equip powerful munitions, such as rockets and explosives, guaranteeing supremacy in every encounter. Dive into the new “”Part I”” and “”Part II”” campaigns, encompassing 32 adrenaline-charged missions with timed enemy onslaughts, heightening the stakes and variety.

Face off against fearsome foes like the Mi-24 Hind combat helicopter. Secure achievements and unlock potent allies, bolstering your strategic prowess.

HeliSim transcends mere gameplay; it’s a high-definition helicopter combat experience crafted for the airborne elite. Dive into HFPS engagements, re-experience hallmark combat scenarios with the AHS-1 Cobra, and savor the exhilaration of helicopter duels.

Plunge into HeliSim’s aerial arena, where the horizon is your domain, and mastering the skies is your mission. Are you prepared to ascend and claim aerial dominance? The sky’s the limit, pilot!

Helicopter Simulator Warfare user reviews :

After playing for a few minutes, the game isn’t bad, just the fact that the heli flys like a damn airplane and for some reason, the heli had an afterburner? Also, not many choppers to choose from. Overall, not the worst game, just feels like they re-skinned their fox one game.

Can’t view tail rotor of some choppers also no reverse tilt control it needs a complete overall update and the missions same as fox one jet fighter game and maybe the real developer of this game have quit and this game have been bought by supercharge this company actually don’t how to make a chopper game

This is exactly same as foxone no difference the gameplay is good tons of helicopters to buy (11 total as of now) but we are fighting with migs or jet fighters Same as foxone. The only thing this game need now is multiplayer.

10/10 I recommend you download (except if you don’t have space or don’t want to

This is Fox One Special Missions with helicopters instead of jets!!!!!

I love the airplane game and I love this one to

it’s cool game

  • Glad you liked it! What do you think we can improve to become a 5-star game?

good but it’s literally just re skinned fox one so make it more unique

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