The Wizard Diary – Become an archwizard

[Game] The Wizard Diary – Idle RPG

The Wizard DiaryLeila just got an F in her wizard exam.

She may be a troublemaker, but she’s determined to work hard and become an archwizard!

But she doesn’t know how to control the power of various spells, so she’s very prone to mistakes…
Will Leila ever pass the exam?

This troublesome apprentice needs your help.
Lend her your wisdom to combine various spells and overcome the perils of the exam!

A special mission for new users!
Clear all the missions to earn special costumes!

Game Features
Simple combat!
An idle RPG so fun that all you have to do is watch!

Unique combos!
Target enemy weaknesses with 4 elements and 40 types of spells!

Diverse content!
Use various tactics to clear both Stages and Dungeons to earn rewards!

Cute outfits!
Choose from over 40 costumes to dress up your magical girl!

Friendly chat system!
Make friends and share Friendship Points!

Offline rewards system!
Get rewards and grow stronger without even logging in!


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The Wizard Diary user reviews :

Great idle RPG up there with the best. Can have its moments of being a bit lagging when navigating menus due to sending info to a server constantly but not enough to cause major issues. Game play is clean, great artwork

  • Thank you for a great review!

Sorry to bother but I can’t even make an account, the app closes every time I tried. I will rate it higher once it’s fixed. Edit: it’s fixed! And I love the game the arts amazing!! Keep at it!

  • Dear wizard, we apology for the crash issue. If you need any help, please contact us through help center.

One of idle game that actually doesn’t need constant online to keep progress.also generous in term of gacha currency, although it’s rate are quite frightening at first glance (especially magic skill rate) The only problem was on unproportional icon placements that makes UI a bit crowded.

  • I am sorry for the confusion we have given you. We’ll come up with a better way to make our players to enjoy further.

Ya saw your response and i repeat All the game does is close down so how can i play if it closes at the start screen because as soon i hit touch to start the game will show the little green loading slime the game just closes down i dont know why it does this but the fact it does is stupid and i have unistalled and reinstalled and rebooted my phone and it still closes so it is the game not my device so as much as i want to give a higher rating i cant because i cant play the game

  • Dear, if same thing happens again, please contact our help center to get further support.

After choose my name the seems to load but then it closes all together and Everytime I open to the main menu and tap to start game it starts loading then crashes every time since then please fix this other wise Its gonna stay uninstalled.

  • I am sorry about the loading issue that you experienced. If you need any further support, please contact us through help center.

Not bad for what it is easy to complete takes and stuff but I one major thing what needs to be added is element type for stage your on or am I missing it somewhere but other than that maybe add some events and pets In future updates

  • Thank you for the detailed review. We’ll keep do our best to improve!

Pretty chill game with a user friendly UI, pretty steady progression, and plenty of rewards from the events.

  • Thank you for such a nice words

Unskipable cut scene right off the bat and was not able to make a character name, it did not give me a reason just told me it was invalid. The only thing it requires was listed was that it should be under 16 characters. So 1 star

  • I apologize for the inconveniences you experienced. We will do our best to improve our games, so please let us know if you need any opinion.

I will rate this app to be fair the game is good its enjoyable however the ui speed is kinda off sometimes i miss click in other parts i can make this 5stars if you fix this but overall this game is top tier!

  • Thank you for your time to review our game. We’ll keep stribe and improve!

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