Hero Summoner – Find a way of overcoming this damning fate

[Game] Hero Summoner (Early Access)

Hero Summoner  Odin crossed through the misty forest to see the prophet Mimir, paying the price of his right eye for the chance to glimpse into the future by drinking from “The Fountain of Wisdom”. Upon seeing it, he learned that the days of the gods’ domain over the earth and heavens would soon come to an end.

In order to find a way of overcoming this damning fate that lay before him, Odin built the hall of heroes——Valhalla. He recruited countless souls of brave warriors, providing them with food, drink and rigorous training. Fighting against those who posed a threat to him as he waited for Ragnarok to befall the world……

How to define Hero Summoner? An idle RPG clicker games? AFK Arena Games? Dungeon Game? It’s defined by you.

Game Features

More than 200+ Heroes, each hero has up to 4 skills
6 Elements with restrictions to each others
Try your strategies and win the battle
Global arena battle – duel with global players
Social system: speak in world channel & add friends
Idle auto-fighting mode, AFK mode
Challenge various dungeons and get rewards
Guild system and guild boss

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User Reviews :

Up until level 60 the game is Hella fun to play, but then after that it’s just gets really hard to do anything, like upgrading or star racing heros get really hard to do because you get the resources to do it, which isnt cheap. But you can’t really get it because of the campaign and tower are now much too powerful for you to beat to get said resources. But yeah it was fun playing this until that point where it became hard to do anything. Good game.

Well, it was going good. They’ve downgraded the amount of exp you get per win and now I can only progress 3 levels into the campaign every 1-3 days. I’m level locked in the campaign even though I’ve put money into my character’s power to progress at a quicker rate. Based on this, there’s no point in giving this game your money if you can’t even progress due to the character level wall.
  • Loongcheer Game
  • Dear summoner, we’d like you to enjoy our other gameplays more as the campaign is basically a story mode where you could relax a bit. However, we are still optimizing the pace of it, thanks for you feedback!
I do enjoy that it is very f2p friendly being an idle game on top of that makes it even better! The thing that would make it a little better (if possible) is to get the class specific books a little bit easier because f2p people can’t seem to get much, heck, as a person who spends alot I can’t get much. You guys have been more then understanding when it comes to feedback from your community so far so I hope you at least consider this in the future. Overall though nice job on your game.
  • Loongcheer Game
  • Dear summoner, the runes system is all random. Since there are not many types of runes, the probability of getting the same rune will be relatively big. Hope this helps you understand, thanks for playing our game.
Awesome game, plenty of rewards, good to pass time and I’ve had no issues with the game at all. Keep up the good work guys.
  • Loongcheer Game
  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just contact us via Facebook and E-mail! Have a wonderful day!

The game is good, a typical idle game i should say, theres a few bugs but minority only, i just want to rate this game and i have to comment also to do that.

Thank lag is bad!!!!!!!!! Every 3 seconds there’s a lag spike. Very irritatting when typing or clicking on things. Up a star when fixed. 5 stars when you have SPLIT servers for f2p/p2w.
  • Loongcheer Game
  • We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Crashing or lagging problems are closely related to devices. Please contact our support team via Facebook/ E-mail and share a detailed description of the issue, screenshots, device info and OS version so that we can help you fix it.

Very enjoyable and pleasing graphics. Worth a try if you like this type of games

So far people have been friendly and when theres been a problem it has been solved quickly

Takes anywere from 1-5 minutes to load, also a clickbate game from the adds.
  • Loongcheer Game
  • Hi, summoner, we will check this, thanks for your feedback.
its anice rpg and here a tip look up some codes for the game
  • Loongcheer Game
  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!

easy game to pick up and play

Good game I love and I wish there were more heroes

Finally the game released! Enjoy so far from the beta version.
  • Loongcheer Game
  • Hi, Summoner! Thank you for the enjoying and supporting! We will release more contents to enrich the game environment. If any questions and suggestions, please contact us at any time via Facebook and E-mail.
I am really amused by the new update it had. Now the weapons are really looking oretty nice. I didn’t give 5 star because the events are not nice….or f2p
  • Loongcheer Game
  • Hi, Summoner! Thank you for the feedback and enjoying! We will release more contents and events to enrich the game environment. If any questions and suggestions, please contact us at any time via Facebook and E-mail.

This game is good and fun. Developers are willing to adapt and continously improving their game. Kudos

Just play it and you will not regret trying it.

the best ever
  • Loongcheer Game
  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know via Facebook. Have a wonderful day!

Très bon jeu pas vraiment de problème apars peut être les dragon treasure trop difficile a avoir

Great game. Will there be events for arena and the spinning wheel in the future?

Recommend to you. The game is so fun.

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