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[Game] My Zombie Girlfriend

My Zombie Girlfriend  Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!

After the death of your childhood friend, you’ve been searching for a way to bring her back… Finally, you’re able to summon her back from the dead with the help of the dark arts! But unfortunately, you seem to have resurrected her as a zombie! She’s as happy as she could be that you’ve brought her back to life, but it seems sometimes, she can’t hold back her zombie cravings!

Things get more complicated when another zombie girl that you accidentally brought back to life in the process gets involved. Will you be able to give your zombie girlfriend life as a real human being…? And how are you ever going to explain this to your caring friend?!

Find out in My Zombie Girlfriend!


Jane – The Tsundere Zombie
She was your best friend growing up but was unfortunately taken away from you in an unfortunate accident. She’s always had a thing for you but has trouble conveying her true feelings. She’s happy to be back, but she struggles with the fact that she’s a member of the undead… Will you be able to grant her true life?

Alex – The Caring Zombie
Alex was lying in her grave peacefully when you accidentally brought her back to life with your ritual! She’s also grateful to be back, but she’s worried about her sister that she left behind… Will you help her resolve her unfinished business?

Mary – The Energetic Friend
You’ve known Mary for quite a while now and though a little overbearing at times, she always watches out for you. You try to convince her that Jane and Alex are visiting relatives, but she doesn’t quite seem convinced… Will you choose to keep her in the dark or get her to help you with your mission?

My Zombie Girlfriend user reviews :

That was funny and a sad experience because close to end you have to chose one of zombies because one of them to survive and the fun part was to final where the protagonist was angry on her because he was doing to much in the same time but after that she kiss him and he ask :Where this is going? Her:Sex Him:Fair enough I was like bruh

Absolutely no words for this awesome game.You will grow close to the characters even if you don’t want to.At the ending of the story I was literally in tears but it was no surprise for me because they always overdo themselves in creating games. Absolutely incredible I will recommend everyone to try this game

At first I was hesitant on downloading the app,but the story was so good and soo damn beautiful I almost cried at the end,barely holding back the tears,really beautiful story I do suggest this to all people.

This game is actually so romantic,but there are something else that should be fixed up…like the gems or the tickets,the way you have to continue or have some romantic scene couldn’t be give all the time unless if you have an money to pay it for,and I’m disappointed of the ending of the story,they didn’t deserve to vanish just like that,so I’m completely shocked by that,cuz I’m just thinking who will I exactly choose…gladly there’s an restart episode in the options,so it wasn’t that badatall.

This game is Grt,the story well written but still working on the germ thing.i kinda feel sad I had 2 pick 1 between the zombie girls who I can save n the other one would very sad why can’t i just save both of them.But still it’s a Grt game so thanks very much.

Good start but very unsatisfying ultimately, it’s a shame as I usually like these visual novels, much more could have been done, there was a lack of content, the person who was trying to stop the zombies was never used again after that encounter when you would think he would be used again, there should have been one more encounter in which he inspects you in my opinion. Overall there wasn’t enough content for me, felt quite bland in the end.

Yeah this was one for the books!!! I really love the story/ stories, this one had the perfect amount of funny, heartfelt, and overall enjoyment. These stories would make great movies and I’d own all them… Choosing your final love choice is always difficult in the end, so hard it feels like I’m actually choosing these girls. I can’t go back and choose a different choice, I liked Jane from the start. I guess I’ll never know untill I Munster some courage. I really liked this One

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