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Tomb Hunter Pro  This is a fun shooting game where you will play a monster hunter and fight various horrible monsters and zombies in the ancient tomb.

You can experience the different effects of a variety of magical firearms in the game. In addition, the diversity of pets and equipment is also a feature of the game.

The game has both RPG and FPS elements. Players need defet monsters in the dungeon to gain experience and gold coins, collect treasures, buy pets and guns, continuously improve their power, and eventually become a powerful shooter. As the level grows, the talent is also the key to winning the battle, You need to adjust it according to the current level.

RPG system introduction:
1. Equipments: There are clothe, boot, helmet, accessorie and other treasures in the game. Equipments are the core gameplay and the purpose of your challenge to the tomb. Equipments are divided into 5 qualities. They have different attributes and effects. It is not easy to obtain a rare stuff. You need to get it by shooting monsters. PS: Boss has a higher probability of dropping golden quality equipment.

2. Gun: including pistol, machine gun and shotgun. Guns are the basic equipment of hunter. They need to consume the gold coins obtained by defeating monsters to buy them from merchant. Guns will randomly brush out different attributes, and it takes some luck to get a good gun. PS: Every time you pass a level, the gun shop will be automatically refreshed. The shotgun can shoot monsters in groups, which is the most powerful weapon in the game.

3. Pet: including tiger, raptor, leopard, wolf, etc. Pets are good partners for hunter. Similar to guns, they need to consume gold coins to buy from merchant. PS: Pets will brush out random skills, you can choose according to your preferences. For novices, it is more suitable to carry pets with healing skills. Pets are good tanks. They attract the hatred caused by the shooter when shooting a monster, protect your safe, and make you easier to shooting. Pets also provide healing, acceleration, and poisonous effects.

4. Talent: including speed, gold coin, attack, poison, etc. Talents are auxiliary skills for hunter. You can adjust the distribution of talents according to the current situation. PS: It takes diamonds to reset talents. You can get it by opening the treasure chest in the dungeon. Gold talent, experience talent and poison talent are more suitable for the rapid growth of novices.

Have a good time!

Tomb Hunter Pro user reviews :

This game is really cool, but it needs a lot of work. The gun physics are so unreal, you don’t need to reload your gun cause it has unlimited ammo, not that it’s not helpful or anything, but still, that’s a cheat. The graphics are awesome, the gameplay is cool, but the enemies are so hard to kill, even if I have a clear shot, it says that I missed it. The NPC’s, the pets and the enemies could use some rework, the enemy’s attacks and also the movements. The game is cool, I hope it will be updated

Excellent game! I played like 30 minutes straigh so that i can buy guns Good job devs.! Btw can i suggest? Can u add some slide button or sprint button so that the character can run,add some iron sights,attachments and experimental guns too! And give some unique sounds of every guns and animations.! :) i hope this one will help ….if this granted,, this will be the best fps in my mobile good job more updates has to come

Fun and simple game. Gets a little tough as you progress. Gold gain in game is slow in my opinion. Other currency is gems, which are rarely found in chests and buyable with cash, can be used to purchase all other items as well. Would be nice if weapons dropped from monsters/chests…I have yet to see 1. Sounds from weapons are the same for weapon types. Example machine gun and an assault rifle sound the same. No music in game just sounds There are better shooters out there imo. DL if bored
  • IMCrazy
  • Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. We will pay attention to these points in future versions or products.Have a good time.
Excellent game. Run around in dungeons shooting stuff. Find most of the gear as drops and can easily grind for coins(main currency) and even diamonds(premium currency). There are no ads! You can replay any level as many times as you like if you are too scared to move forward lol. I hope there isn’t an end to it. Discription of effects be nice. I won’t mind seeing some special offers discounted for ultra weapons and armor(best quality) for real money, coins and diamonds. Keep it up devs :)
  • IMCrazy
  • Hello , Thank you very much for your feedback. I’m very lucky to have a player like you, the feedback make me feel that it’s worth to developing this game. Have a good time!

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