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Heroes AwakenHeroes Awaken presents unique gameplay, combining idle RPG elements, raids and building a mighty castle, with the epic tactics of auto battler teamfight. Start your legendary adventure today!

Enjoy our game freely with FREE TO PLAY system. Own 5 heroes immediately after completing the tutorial.
Join the fight and lead your team to VICTORY!
Complete daily, weekly quests to receive many valuable rewards.

Idle RPG System
Collect and upgrade 70+ legendary heroes from different Races and Classes. Each hero has unique abilities and traits.
Power up your heroes with thousands of magical gears, signature items, and skins!
Set your heroes training while you’re away. When you return to your phone, they will be stronger, gained new abilities, and ready for battle.

Auto battler Gameplay
Each hero you recruit can form unique synergies. Stacking your team with allied heroes will unlock powerful bonuses that can crush your rivals.
Combine and setup the formation for different synergies and tactics
There is no limit for you to build your own tactics with dozens of hero traits: Warrior, Assassin, Mage, Supporter, etc.

Rebuild an immense war fortress, where you can recruit, train and gear up your army!
Collect materials from battles and craft useful items to give your Heroes an edge in battle!
Harvest food, mine metal and research to unlock new heroes and new gears.

Battle It Out
Outplay and outlast your opponents by building an elite squad of epic heroes ready to conquer the world
Put forth your best heroes to do battle in different arenas. Climb the leaderboards for the best rewards at the end of the seasons.
Join multiplayer clan boss battles and lead your clan to supremacy!

Experience, Strategize and Evolve
Many new heroes, content and game modes will be added every two weeks! Heroes Awakening is always expanding.
New events every day for you to challenge and get limited rewards.
Continuous free game updates and content drops to ensure a balance, ever-shifting meta, and infinite strategic depth.

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If you have any problem, please ask for support at:
Discord: discord.gg/Za6S2DNY4E
Support page: support.imba.co/hc/en-us/categories/15982071971481-Heroes-Awaken
Email: ha[at]imba.co

Heroes Awaken user reviews :

Think character design needs improvement. Played for a little while and it’s not bad. For a game that hasn’t been out long I think this has a lot of potential. There are some bugs but it’s nothing horrible. Just a little laggy. Will edit once I played for a while but so far it’s good. Try it for urself tho

App keeps crashing. Tried to make a payment, was charged, then app crashed, no rewards. Was charged a SECOND time, and received the rewards. Then it crashed. Can’t get off the loading screen. The frustration is REAL.

This game is identical to thousands of other casual, low effort, boring, lifeless, run-of-the-mill gacha games out there. There is nothing new or interesting or memorable or unique or entertaining about it whatsoever. Frankly, there is no reason it should have been made, and no reason to play it over any of the others. It may as well not exist.

10k players, all stay in single server,bruh. 5k+ players want new server since 3 days ago, devs didn’t listen. Lots of players experience purchase issue, devs can’t solve. Server over populate, bug everywhere, overheating (extreme heat) phone even only play for 3-5 minutes. Most rewards are useless and progress is over slow. I bet my life,this game will soon dead or most likely none will play or none will never choose for their 1st choice games

You release a game then put a 4h maintenance on it?, Perhaps when we can actually play my review will change Have played for a few hours it’s just disconnected and I’m hit with an endless loading screen, Game is fine and has potential when it actually works

Love the aesthetic of the game, the characters are fun and everything seems great so far. Advancing fairly well f2p

Fun game, pretty typical of other RPG’s but for some reason I don’t get bored(yet). It is also F2P friendly.

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