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Watcher of RealmsEmbark on an enchanting journey with Watcher of Realms, the next-gen RPG that fits in your pocket!

Now officially launched, WoR has already captivated over 2.5 million pre-registered players. Download now to claim Rare Summoning Crystal x12, EXP Bonus +100%, Diamonds, Gold, Psychic Power, Hero EXP Potions, and more!

It’s time to explore the mystical continent of Tya and immerse yourself in a magical world with 100+ unique heroes! To save this chaotic land engulfed in madness, assume the role of a tactical commander with a plethora of resources at your fingers. Build your camp, collect and manage heroes of diverse factions and races, unlock powerful faction lords, and challenge the evil Ancient Gods.

Game Features:

1. High-quality audio-visual effects. Incredibly immersive.
Realistically magical 3D models of heroes fleshed with exquisite details. Top-tier motion and facial capture technologies make your heroes incredibly vivid and lifelike.
With premium CG and character designs in 360°, players will fall in love with customized animations which bring each hero to life.

2. Experience 100+ heroes to collect and upgrade!
Unlock and augment 100+ unique heroes from 30+ races and eight factions, forming a powerful team to resist an onslaught of countless monsters and demons. Every hero is worth upgrading, and collecting heroes of the same faction significantly impacts a battle.

3. Refreshingly diverse RPG elements.
Obtain rare resources from dungeon levels where gruesome monsters await. Strengthen and improve your hero’s attributes by collecting gear, artifacts, and legendary skill dust to get the edge.
Reinforce your camp and explore multiple game modes while leading your heroes to ultimate victory on the grandest battlefield of all.

4. User friendly and deeply strategic gameplay.
The diverse continent of Tya includes vast deserts, chilling dungeons, colossal mountains and more. With each stage posing new challenges, commanders must choose the best faction and hero combinations to survive. Charge into battle with your fearless heroes and activate their ultimate skills, AOE/magic damage, and healing spells with precision timing to defend your position!

5. Grand worldview, rich storylines.
Explore a range of chapters, maps, and levels. Epic faction and hero lore will provide you an immersive experience into the world of Tya’s magic. Each hero has a unique backstory waiting for you to discover!

6. More exciting BOSS battles.
Team up with guild partners to challenge the epic dragon and rush to the top of guild rankings.

7. Massive multiplayer PvP battles.
Original tower defense PvP mode will showcase your skills. With multiple PvP themes, you can climb player rankings and fight your way straight to the top!

Please Note:

*Watcher of Realms supports English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, and Russian. We understand that RPGs are always more immersive to players in their native languages, so we are working hard on adding more languages to the game!

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Watcher of Realms user reviews :

The game is decent for those who don’t really want or can’t spend daily more than 40 – 60 minutes playing unless you want to become a top player. Prices in stores and offers again are crappie in my opinion, there are a lot of stuff that needs some adjustments. 4 stars because most of times you have to play using instincts without knowing if sacrificing a hero for another one is a good choice.

  • Dear Commander, Thank you for your support and love for our game. We are committed to improving the gaming experience. At the same time, more of your positive feedback will bring us encouragement and energy. Thank you again for your support and understanding.

This is a surprisingly fun game. You can play for as long or as little time as you want. There doesn’t seem to be a game play cap. 2 negatives, 1 is the tutorials can not be skipped, forcing you to upgrade heroes you may not keep ( but there is no fee to remove gear, tho), and 2 is the adds for in-game purchases are a it intrusive. Note: The game has a few bugs, but there 0 crashes due to bugs, so it’s very stable.

I had issues at first with the PC version, but I’ve since found solutions. There’s still some disparity between the mobile and PC version, as you can only buy things directly from the mobile store in my region at the time of writing this review. That aside, gameplay is enjoyable if a bit repetitive, but the difficulty ramps up in an enjoyable way and provides a good challenge over time. It’s not an idle game as things require quite a bit of time, but that’s fine. I enjoy the game

  • Dear Commander, Sorry for the negative gaming experience. We hope you can provide us with more details to help us find the problem. We will pass your feedback to our R&D and continue improving the experience. Thank you for your support and understanding.

It’s a good game with amazing graphics and an okay story. At the end of the day, it is just a polished tower defense game, though. The tutorials can be very hand-holdy and can force you to break your game play flow just to show you something, however. And the voice acting can be a bit awkward at times. Other than that, it’s a good game to delve into if you’re into collecting amazing looking heroes and decent graphics. It’s comparable to Raid: Shadow Legends.

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