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[Game] Magical Girls Idle

Magical Girls IdleThe adventure of Rain, a girl who dreamed of becoming an adventurer!

Rain has been cursed by the Witch of the North.
Along with Getto the spirit, Rain begins an adventure to find the Witch of the North and lift her curse!

Meet companions during the adventure, break through stages and dungeons, and get stronger alongside them to remove Rain’s curse!

Game Features
Collect cute & mighty companions!
Crush dozens of monsters at once with companions who have unique and powerful abilities!
The smashing impact will knock your stress away!

Impactful battles with skill mix-ups!
Melee and ranged skill modes to make battles even more exciting!
Mix up various skills and deal mighty damage!

Synthesize gear into higher grades! Infinite growth!
Combine an endless amount of gear and items into even more powerful gear!
Break through the stages and infinitely grow up with stronger, even more unique gear!

Boss battles on a whole other level!
Giant and destructive bosses and dangerous mimics will gang up on you!
Demonstrate your control skills and defeat mighty bosses!

The adventure continues even when the game is turned off!
The excitement never ends. Acquire resources and items even when you’re offline!
Grow even stronger and find the Witch of the North to lift the curse put on Rain!

If you encounter any issues during the game, you can send us feedback via the in-game Customer Service Center.
Customer Service Email: cs[at]
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Magical Girls Idle user reviews :

Very cute, nice idle game, nice character concept. UI is functional, although a little small, with some buttons hard to press on a physical screen. I wish very much that it had an “ascend all” button, though, as it’s otherwise a rather tiresome one-by-one process, and the items are flagged with the “attention” icon until you do. Guide quests could do with less “summon X” tasks and/or focus on summon level or count the total summons instead, lots of one-by-one menuing.

The art is very likeable. The huge downside is the extremely slow rate of growth. It is impossible to advance anywhere near as quickly as the quests call for due to very poor balance. I purchased the no ads pack and growth is still insanely slow. The game would be much better with some rebalancing.

It’s pretty good so far. nice artwork, and it’s a really passive game to enjoy at any time, but there is one slight issue, and that is the crashing. it will crash every 5-10 minutes, and I’ll have to go through everything again. thankfully, the game saves a lot, so I don’t lose much, but it’s just a bit of an inconvenience.

It is an easy game, and I think It will be boring sooner or later when you come to the end of the game. Please ban the modders and hackers in the game; it’s ruining my fun! And also, there’s a bug when you watch ads; sometimes it loads very slowly before the ads launch, even though I have a very strong internet connection. I just relaunch the app or wait for 3 minutes, and then the ads will eventually play and I’ll get my reward.

I love it. It’s definitely fun and addicting. My only problems there’s no auto equip for skills and there’s no “awaken all” button. Other than that, I’m happy to watch every single ad for the extra boosts.

Loving the experience so far. Seems like a very generous game so far. I’m in my second day playing. Reminds me a lot of blade idle. The game runs very well and smooth. The loading screens are quick and the game loads quickly at the start. This is a good one.

very good and straight forward game, nice graphics and nothing too overwhelming. though this gives off a good dungeon raid feeling, perhaps a minigame like that where you test your wits to get more rewards, but pay high. maybe use companions as the character u control

Geniunely just a casual and cute idle game. It has charming artwork and it doesn’t make me feel like I have to pay to get anything out of it. The premise of the story is simple but unique enough for an idle game. I don’t feel bad for playing once a day and I don’t feel punished for wanting to play longer.

Hello!! Im back!! After playing this game for about 1 week or less, i like it everything is fine and normal, im having fun playing this game, but in some point my game crash because of my phone hahaha, but its ok i really enjoyed the game, its fun, but one suggestion: can you add a basic attack button?, That will be soo awesome, i love it when i see my character progress, its fun to play, this game have a lot of potential, 5 star

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