Hexapolis – Expand from small village to powerful cities

[Game] Hexapolis – Civilization wars

HexapolisDo you like civ turn-based strategy? Hexapolis is unique 4x game.

Build civilization, win civilization wars against outlanders and grow your HEX empire. Expand from small village to powerful cities.

This civ game is about controlling the hex map, exploring unknown lands, fighting outlanders and discovering technologies. Are you ready to test your tactical skills and rise humankind ?

Each turn is full of adventure. You move on hex map and explore new hexes with your warriors. Every hero has special abilites which help you to conquer rival stronghold. There are stylized heroes: archers, sailors, dragons, crusaders and many more! Technology progress is the important part of your strategy. You can choose your focus – are you better farmer or warrior? Farms, mines and markets bring more coins to your production. More coins you have, more actions you can do in each turn.

Hexapolis features:

Turn-based strategy game and kingdom maker
Humankind and dorfromatik like
4x – explore, expand, exploit and exterminate
Master technologies, explore hex map, wage war and build civilization of humankind
Train your warriors and win battles against outlanders
Two game modes – normal and hard
Stylized in amazing low poly graphic
Civilization game & building civilization
Colonize world of politopia
Middle age war atmosphere

Hexapolis is stategy game full of fighting, conquering and technology development. Expand from small village to powerful polis!

Explore medieval fantasy world with many challanges ahead. Make your civ stronger. It’s your turn in civilization wars!

Created by Noxgames 2023

Discord:  discord.gg/D8vhw8Rv

Hexapolis user reviews :

This game requires patience, quite fun to begin with. Short games, relatively comfortable to progress but enjoyable. Then suddenly the strength of the AI opponents quadruples and you cannot possibly win unless you spend time watching ads to upgrade your units or pay money to do the same. I logged in to watch address and slowly built up an army. Now the games are challenging but winnable and long enough to enjoy

I find this game too easy then way too hard. Like it’s only the third turn and an enemy is next to me with 1-2 ninjas. Or how about playing 1v4 so each enemy city has maxed and won’t attack each other so your basically playing triple the amount of troops at all angles and they always find the backstab. It’s just not fair. It was a fun 2 months but I’m pretty irritated at this point. Was pretty fun up till now.

This is a 5* game all day, absolutely love it, but hoollllyyyyy smokes the amount of Ads is insane. In game, out of game, for rewards, to revive troops (kind of a cheap move) There are soooooo many ads it’s next level. I’d buy a ad free pack just to get rid of them, because I like the game so much!

First set of levels were very understandable. But once it hit the second stage the difference was night and day went from training easy to expert. Even letting the AI take over couldn’t do it.

AI turn takes forever and really hampers gameplay. Graphics are just not amazing enough to want to watch 50+ single AI moves per turn. Also, gets a bit repetitive after a while, opponents get stronger but no new elements to keep things interesting

I’m giving it five stars, just a little out of faith because I think this game will be good. Developers, I would suggest holding off on requesting a rating a little further into the game. I was prompted to rate this game immediately after the tutorial and that is just not enough to get to know a majority of features in the game. I will amend this post later.

So far I like it a lot. There’s a similar game “Battle of Polytopia” with lots of similarities… This version is more animated and has a lot more features!

Lots of complicated upgrades, so you can play this for a long time. But there’s no way to completely eliminate ads.

I love this game and im playing it for a while. im just wondering why i dont have that star system hero development that is shown in the last picture. it whould be very good thing to have that hero skill tree can you tell me what is the deal

Great game not pay to win, lots of upgrade options. Only downside is couldn’t save to google drive so lost all progress with new phone

Make it fun big maps multiple players it looks to be a great game but keep it real give it so.e various terrains interesting maps….great game

I really enjoy this game. Simple and fun. Just what I was looking for as a casual relax. Thou is missing backup ability and I’ve already had to start all over again for the fourth time as I’ve lost all my progress during phone reset. Also at some point it gets do difficult that one barely can progress with the maps.

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