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[Game] Hidden Object of Blackriver

Hidden Object of BlackriverBlackriver Mystery – a new game in the genre of “item search”, in which you have to try on the role of a mystical messenger, the one who is destined to restore the city from the ruins and solve its mystery. Here you will find many interesting quests, unique collections, popular mini-games (such as three-row, wheel of fortune and others).

It’s time to solve the mystery of Blackriver, messenger!

The main features of the game:
The need to restore the city from the ruins;
searching for items in the most beautiful locations;
intriguing plot;
fascinating puzzles and mini-games;
ominous anomalies;

Explore locations, find the most complex items following an interesting story. Play in three rows and use boosters. The fate of an entire city is in your hands!

Good luck, messenger.

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Hidden Object of Blackriver user reviews :

Was looking forward to playing this game, but was disappointed because first of all it doesn’t go to landscape, then you need energy, and then it’s timed. So you can’t play long because of the energy. Then you just can’t relax and find the items, you have to race to find everything. So so much for a nice good game. Sorry to say but I’m uninstalling it.

I thoroughly enjoy this game. It challenges you just enough to make you want more. The storyline is interesting enough to make you want to read it. Thumbs up to the creators!

I have just started playing this game but so far I like it. The different locations and jobs are fun.

It’s a nice enjoyable fun way to pass spare time. I kinda like it ,

Just started.graphics.so far the game is interesting.

So far (just started) it is not so difficult.

I downloaded the game, because I thought it was a good game, not so sure now. The match three had no objective, i could not tell if i was finished or not. Also I found a key, but the game said I didn’t have any. Please fix the game or else people will start to delete. Translation is also poor. Thanks in advance.

It’s kinda hard to follow story line…kind of boring to b honest…sorry !!

So far I really like this game but I need a little more time.

love it a lot thank you for making it so peaple cane play it

Some technical trouble and I have it on this phone too. I found object, but It doesn’t work. Moreover, I needed bell but on image it just white square. Game was cool, but it impossible to keep going.

Help! Two glitchy quests have prevented me from progressing. I collected the item but the complete quest button doesn’t appear on the quest dialog!

Its a good game unfortunately i got to the point where the game is not advancing and not giving me new challenges. Im disappointed because i got so addicted to it. Please send an update to fix this.

Not bad so far, English translation still incomplete and game hasn’t been updated for almost a year. Edit: I like quest panel. Still lacks English translations in places.

  • Thanks for your feedback. We will release an update as soon as possible

Good way to pass time. This game has good design also but it’s pretty much the same as the other hidden objects games I play. I still like it though!!

It’s a good game but? I wish they had skin color for the female profile and also more hair styles .so good so far.i wish I could give more stars but that’s just cause what I said about the profile.

Love this game! I have been looking for another hidden object game that is new and different and I really like this one alot!Thank you to the developers !I am loving this game and the story!

Good game though the English translation is a bit off. There are some parts that haven’t been translated so please fix it soon.

The game is good but im stuck on finding the bell mission. I have won this mission 10 times and it still won’t allow me to move pass this mission

Some comments not in English. It would be a better game if the players spoke. Appears to be an ongoing issue. Have uninstalled

Need to slow it down. Scenes change to quickly to be able to read instructions.

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