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[Game] Trees and Tents Puzzle

Trees and Tents PuzzleTrees and Tents is a challenging logic puzzle. Place a tent next to every tree on the grid, but make sure that the tents do not touch!

The numbers around the grid tell you how many tents should be placed in a row or column. Each puzzle has only one solution, which can be reached with logic reasoning, no guessing needed!

Solve Trees and Tents puzzles to challenge yourself, to relax, to train your brain, or to kill some time. This logic puzzle provides hours of challenging entertainment! With puzzles ranging from easy to fiendish, it offers something for both beginners and experts.

Are you up for the challenge? Can you solve them all?

Gameplay features:
Clean and attractive interface
All progress is saved
Timer (can be switched off)
Zoom and drag grid on smaller devices

App features:
Extensive how-to-play explanation
Works offline
Puzzles in four different difficulty levels
Puzzles with different grid sizes
Supports dark theme
List of recently played puzzles
Progress overview
Eight different color themes

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Trees and Tents Puzzle user reviews :

I’ve had this game for almost 3 years now. I still enjoy it. It’s a very simple game, and even the most difficult levels can easily be completed in less than 5 minutes. It’s definitely a game that needs your attention because you can easily accidentally place a tent on the wrong square. Fortunately, you can check for mistakes.

Loved the puzzles! All of them were solvable thru logic with no guessing required. I wish there were more large-frame and high-difficulty puzzles (there were only 200 fiendish puzzles compared with 400 each of the other difficulties), but I’m not complaining. They were all enjoyable. (Though, it would be nice if there were a way to reset them all at once, instead of having to reset each puzzle individually.) Edit: Thank you so much! That makes replaying easier!

  • Thanks for your review! Just wanted to let you know that the option to reset all puzzles has been added in the latest update (you can find the option in the settings). Enjoy!

The original Trees and Tents! This is a great puzzles game, which exercises the same part of your brain as sudoku. It’s straightforward and fun to figure out and solve. My FAVORITE part about it, though, is the hints – if you’re stuck and need a hint, the game doesn’t just reveal a square or something, it explains WHY that square is or isn’t a tent. It straight-up teaches you as you go! I havn’t seen that before, and the developers are absolutely rad for going the extra mile.

This game is pretty good, the difficult and fiendish difficulties aren’t much different imo. However again the start of the game at those difficulties is a boring chore where you have to mark tiles without trees I wish they provided an automatic way to do it (at least for the last 2 difficulties). Would give 5 stars for that.

Minimalist game with simple yet great graphics for all those who love puzzle games. Initially the game might feel difficult and it’s great that you can get tips, but trust me, it will feel easier with time and it will feel nice. It’s especially nice if you like playing puzzle games that don’t require reading while listening to audiobooks.

Nice variation to have hidden numbers, it makes a different gameplay than other apps. // –Suggestions– (1) Display the total amount of trees, since it is a pain to count them manually in big grids (used for calculating missing numbers on a side, rows or columns)*. (2) Add ability to manually input a missing number, since, once it is deduced, is hard to remember all of them in big grids. // * Sum(missing numbers) = Count(Trees) – Sum(numbers)

  • Thanks for your review! I really like your suggestions, you are clearly an advanced player :) I will take them into account for a later update (might take a while, because I haven’t planned any major updates soon). Thanks again!

just like the stars game, this is challenging and I love having a set amount of levels to complete. the ads are very short and I don’t mind watching them but I think there’s also a no ads version which is always a thoughtful option.

Not a good variant of this game. Without row and column numbers on the puzzle there are situations (particular in frenzied mode) where you cannot proceed except by guessing. Also when using a hint in these situations, the hint gives no better understanding of WHY the answer is what it is. It’s completely vague. Tents And Trees is a far superior version and has puzzles up to 20×20. My opinion still stands. This is a fair version of this type of game but I feel that there are much better versions.

  • Not all row and column numbers are shown to make the puzzles more challenging. Edit: Thanks for contacting me per email, I am glad I could clear things up and help out where you were stuck. Great to hear that you will update your review!

I really like the game, it’s cute and challenging. I instantly got the ad free version but now I’ve finished all the puzzles and there are no new ones available unless you buy them. Would be 5 stars and playing it daily still if there were some new free puzzles included regularly.

  • You can reset all puzzles (in the settings) and start over with the 350 free puzzles or you can buy expansion packs.

great logical game, ads not intrusive. gets gradually more difficult as you work through the levels and learn how to play.

Best T&T game on Play Store. Lots of levels. Lots of options. The partial solutions to each row/column really make you think about tree ownership, as opposed to other games which are easily solved by just numbers. Friendly responsive developer who fixes problems very quickly. Awesome!

  • Thank you so much Jamie! I assume you noticed that the ‘rapid tap’ works now :) Enjoy!

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