Hidy – Find all missing items

[Game] Hidy – Find Hidden Objects

HidyHidy – Find Hidden Objects is a new casual game where you’ll be searching for hidden objects!

On each level, you’ll have to solve a photo puzzle quest: search for highlighted items and complete hidden object challenges. Get ready for an incredible adventure in the mystery world!

Sounds quite casual and easy, hah? Will you dare to find all missing items and pass all quests?

If you’re looking for the best hidden objects game for both adults and children, you reached the right place!

Game features:

Lots of levels to explore.
Challenging tasks: those objects are not that easy to spot!
Incredible adventure suits both adults and children.
Authentic graphics scenes.

Try it out and enjoy quests if you adore hidden object casual games!


Hidy user reviews :

This game is quite okay.. but eventually I know I’ll move on. ‘Love the graphics and sounds depicting each scene. I like the period/mysterious feel in some settings but I wish more interesting scenes would be added ’cause they’re repeated after level 50.. ‘though I understand due to the many objects still to be found for each scene.. ‘had to pay to remove ads and time limits.. no way I’d be able to find everything in the given time. It’s quite affordable and smooth sailing from then on.

  • Hi! Thanks for your feedback. Hope one day we’ll receive a 5-star rating from you. If you have any ideas or suggestions for improving the app, we’ll gladly consider them. Have fun playing!

This game is not as advertised. According to the Ads I have seen like crazy you should be searching for like (for example) 10 of the same identical objects which is what intrigued me and drew me to this app. I installed it and played to level 15 or 16 and all it was is a hunt for different objects instead of all the same and to make matters worse, there were Ads after nearly EVERY level you play. Talk about Ad overload. You had to sit here for almost a minute waiting for the Ads to finish.

  • Hi Donna! Thanks for the comment. Advertising allows us to develop the application and add new free content for all users. In the future, we will strive to achieve the ideal balance so that you can completely enjoy the game. Hope for understanding!

It was an entertaining hidden object game until level 50 then all the scenes start repeating. Seriously????? Surely you can come up with new scenes. OMG GET RID of SOOOO many ADS. You spend at least 5 times the amount of time watching ads than you do playing the game. Not worth the time to install.

  • Hi! Thanks for the comment. Advertising allows us to develop the application and add new free content for all users. In the future, we will strive to achieve the ideal balance so that you can completely enjoy the game. Hope for understanding!

Game is fair. They give you generous amount of time to find items which arent just laying on a background like most games. Ads are a bit much but you can opt out fairly quick but you have to x out 3 times which is excessive. I think one x is enough to tell you im not interested. I will play through though as im desperate to find a hidden objects game that you dont have to turn your phone sideways, which i cant stand and will not play.

Very disappointed in this game. The ads playing during other games make it seem like it’s a real adventure. I was excited about playing it. It’s find 5 things per each clip…that’s it. Disappointed

  • Thank you for your feedback! Some advertisements reflect the general idea of the app without showing specific game mechanics. We hope you’ll find the game both relaxing and entertaining. Just give it a try

This game is really amazing…very interesting but it gives such a short time to find the hidden objects that sometimes is very stressful to play. Objects can’t be seen clearly. But it’s an brain exercise one.

  • Hi Marysol! Thanks for your feedback. It’s a pity that Hidy didn’t fully meet your expectations. We’re constantly improving the game and doing our best to enhance its quality. Stay tuned!

How do I play this game? I can’t figure it out. All I see are 3 1/2 rectangular boxes with what looks like rooms with a lot of stuff in them and words at the top “Find Hidden Objects” or “Enjoy Beautiful Scenes” – However, nothing shows what to do to get started. I’d like to give a high Rate, but not until I find out how to play this game.

  • Hi Jeannie! Please, contact us via email (support@wannaplay.gg) and describe your issue. We’ll be glad to help you!

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