Woody Sort – Require analytic thinking and strategic planning

[Game] Woody Sort – Ball Sort Puzzle

Woody SortWoody Sort: Ball Sort Puzzle is a simple and addictive sorting puzzle game.

Your objective is to fill each tube with the same colored balls. It may sound easy, but there is a twist: You can’t put a ball on top of another ball with a different color!

Enjoy hundreds of unique levels with varying degrees of difficulty levels. Balls and bubbles come in different formations at each level. Sorting and filling the tubes require analytic thinking and strategic planning.

Woody Sort: Ball Sort Puzzle game features natural-looking graphics with wooden textures and a woodoku atmosphere. Sort the colored balls with the ultimate zen experience of the game’s beautiful rustic graphics. Also, take a fresh look at the sort games genre with leaves, wooden signs, and shining particle effects.

Woody Sort: Ball Sort Puzzle provides all the necessary tools to help players complete all ball and bubble puzzles. The reset button can restart a level that goes badly, or wrong moves can be undone with the undo booster. The game caters to all kinds of players with plenty of accessibility options.

Water or liquid puzzle veterans will also find a place in Woody Sort: Ball Sort Puzzle, as we use the same sorting mechanics every player loves and enjoys. Tubes are ready for everyone to fill up!

Go on a journey with a level map that spans over 1000s levels. Move up and claim great progression rewards to customize the game. Use an arsenal of boosters to help your long adventure. Topple bonus levels along the way to earn extra rewards and boost your progress.

The game comes with refined, enhanced soda sort and color ball mechanics. Effortlessly switch the ball positions and match their color balls into sorting puzzle tubes.


Tap on a tube to take out the top ball.
Tap on another tube to move the taken-out ball there.
Make your moves carefully to avoid getting stuck. Use the undo booster to cover mistakes.
Use the add tube booster to get extra tubes to help you sort the balls easier.
Pull the pin booster enables you to overcome challenging obstacles.
Finish the level by making minimum moves to achieve three stars.

Colorful graphics.
Relaxing and easy gameplay without restricting mechanics or time limits.
Good brain exercise.
A variety of bonus levels provide different gameplay options and exciting rewards.
Smooth controls. Easy tapping.
Fast animations. Flowing gameplay.
It can be played with one finger.
Safe for family play.
No internet connection is required.
Completely free to download and play.

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Woody Sort user reviews :

I like the graphics and color scheme. It is definitely the better version of all Ball Sort games. I am having an issue though. I reached level 50 and 100 via Just play and I have not received the my coins. I messaged the customer support team. I received a receipt email, but not and not a reply explaining that they will make sure I receive what I am due.

Amazing visuals make this ball sort game stand out from the others. I fell in love with the wooden theme and smooth animations. I really couldn’t stop playing as it gets really addictive with never ending number of levels and increasing difficulty. I hope they add a multiplayer feature too. I want to smash my friends’ tubes! I think no-ads is quite cheap and I strongly suggest buying it.

  • Thank you for your sincere comment and for supporting us We are delighted that you like our game. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new games Share with your friends and keep playing!

One of the best ball sort games! A lot of ads, but not too excessive. The ads make it from a 5 into a 4 star review, but apart from that I love the game!

  • We are happy that you like our games We understand you about ads. We need to allocate resources to develop the game We also do not have complete control over the ads. But we will further optimize ads in the future Your continued support is very valuable to us. We thank you

Just downloaded… we’ll see! The game works very well. I like the extra feature… where you can take a ball from the bottom…clever and useful. It’s a very good download … give it a try.

  • Thank you for your sincere comment and for supporting us We are delighted that you like our game. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new games Share with your friends and keep playing!

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