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Hot Slide Drift your way to the world league!

Introducing new exciting racing game, where you can test your drifting skill against real people from around the world. Download for free and start drifting now!

Collect and upgrade cars, take on solo and team challenges, win in one-on-one duels and get to the top position of world wide league. Would you choose Muscle or Street cars, Super cars or Off-Road SUVs? Pick the best car for every race and leave your opponents in the smoke of your hot slide.

Duels with real opponents
Collection of more than 30 unique cars and more coming
Muscle, Street, Off-Road and Super cars driving physics
Amazing environments, weather effects, shortcuts and boosts
Team and solo challenges
Perfect fast-paced experience

Heat up your wheels and become a legend!

Hot Slide user reviews :

Amazingly integrated ads ! They don’t pop up , not one bit. You can watch them if you want things faster and it’s up to you when. Best way of using ads Period. The game is so much fun and has a lot of diversity in cars , all the anime heros , a lot of jdms , muscle cars , jeeps , tuned out cars . Amazing . One this just messes with me , the controls won’t let you go back(up) and it’s annoying , but otherwise a gem of a game <3

Very nice game, fun and competitive. For those who have issues with cloud syncing : I had the same issue until I reached lvl 9 and spent almost a weak in the game; I think it’s just an amount of time you spend in game and need to reach some lvl I think. Now I don’t have this issue anymore, it simply connected by himself. I find this game interesting and I give only 4 stars bcs the lack of response from the tech team, but overall it’s an amazing game. Keep up.

Mechanics are awesome. Best fit actually for a mobile device. However, the pay to win factor, ruins the whole game experience. You just cannot pass 500 rank until you have a rare car. In my opinion, this breaks the strategy in which you can choose the apropiate car for each terrain surface.

Bad map design, you have to learn the maps, not quite skill based, and a lot of pay 2 win content. Maps also have points that can get you stuck. Also, after some leagues, even if your status and levels are higher, opponents are just stronger (even if you have same car with same parts and same level).

The game is pretty good, but there’s an ad that I get 99% of the time that doesn’t have the end part so you just sit on a black screen, have to reset the game and then you won’t even get the reward you watched the ad for and the same ad will just keep playing. Has happened at least 10 times in different internet environments (it’s a dumb fishing game ad)

obviously pay to play…you get to a point like most games like this and the matchups get ridiculously hard…level 4 cars vs. level 6 with mods…matches are not even close…can’t win anymore unless you pay!!! I do like the events where everyone in your group drives the same car. will delete soon!

Good things: 1.The graphics and the style is perfect. 2.The Controls are easy. 3.No ads that pops up nowhere. Bad things: 1. To much moneygrab. 2. Pay2boost but it makes you lose trophies if you are free2play.

it would actually be an awesome 5 stars game but it’s totally pay2win, i got to a point where basically every opponent i find has a much better car than mine, not even watching tons of ads help, fix this because it’s a cool game but it just gets frustrating and ridiculous

not a bad game. the only problem i had is the amount of ads to progress further quickly. and also can you put minimap so the players can see the direction for upcoming corners? it gets hard when using fast cars also i realise the drift are kinda scripted. that’s a shame. but still you have little free movements

I gotta say this game deserves higher recognition! The gameplay is extremely simple and fun despite heavy monetization strategies! 2 things worth keeping in mind-> most of the challenges are more or less the same and the gameplay can get boring at some point. As another guy mentioned, the drifting is the best part of the game and it can be utilized so much more! & Rarely new content is added so if you need new ideas -> simply include drifting more in the gameplay loop! Cheers

Fun game but, this update they have in the game made everything very expensive & it’s ridiculous. U barely get gems now as well unless u spend money. It used to cost a total of like 1500-2000 coins for Abt 3 cards for an epic car but now u can only spend 30,000-70,000 coins on large amounts and thousands of gems for the other stuff. This is something that might make me quit cuz I cant upgrade my cars. I’ve been playing for Abt a year and a half and I might have to say my goodbye’s to this game.

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