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Monster World AdventureMonster World Adventure is a monster training game with idle battle.

Start your journey with various monsters!

Over 300 mighty monsters to raise.

Fuse monsters and make them stronger!

Create your ultimate monster team and make them learn new skills and evolve them!

Defeat opponents’ monsters to win Fame and become a legend.

Monster World Adventure user reviews :

Having fun up to level 70 so far! I am currently having trouble with the Alliance freezing and crashing the game… Please fix guys!! I would like to keep playing. Definitely some PTW aspects that are outrageously priced. But also FTP and still be fairly strong quickly. A lot of things to do to level up and power up your characters!

When you first run the game it looks good and fun, but twice I have seen what seems to be a completely different hidden game that runs instead after you close it. I thought it may have been some fluke because I encountered a bug with poor connection the first time, so I reinstalled and it seemed fine, but upon waking this morning it happened again. This along with the fact that the registration email is sent from a Gmail account and flagged as spam leads me to believe that this is really shady.

It’s a good game would have gave it 5 but there’s a bug were my game crashes whenever I go do something sometimes like start a fight or go into a park thing. But I have a suggestion the global and alliance chat needs work all around It’s weird it doesn’t show all of the text. It’s a good game all around even with the bugs

Was a great game until I hit some issues, but there is apparent support to players. Example; Iwas the #1 ranked in the Rayquaza event on my server, by several hundred points. Event ended, I received none of the reward rewards for any rank. Clicked on customer support & it goes to a Facebook page that’s nearly blank, so I messaged the Facebook page & haven’t heard anything back. There is no in-game avenue for players to make tickets for support issues. Will update review if things change.

It has really fun gameplay and the art style is incredible, and I’ve been playing every day since I played it and the weekly events to get rare and stronger Pokémon makes it exciting to come back to the game only complaint I have is when I try some of the features it blocks me out like aither paradise I have too wait 2 days to play it again and the game is really fun game and I would highly recommend getting it

I would love to give a 5 star but as fun as it is, it’s very much so a pay to win and constantly giving you ads for stronger mons. There’s also a ton of bugs. One I encountered recently is the guild bug where you go to get in a guild and the game freezes and you have to restart the app.

The game’s pretty good so far. There is a bug in Aether Paradise where if your team has full hp and you try to use the reborn tile, it says error and won’t let you progress any further. I’m stuck on floor one, and it’s kinda agitating because it also stops me from claiming the quests after the “complete the 2nd floor of Aether Paradise” quest.

Pretty fun game, only issues i came across were a few frame drops while during a match and other while doing some main screen activities. (On another note.) About the game and comments/reviews other people need to stop complaining about paywalls and p2w or p2p because really it’s a way to support the development and it is entirely optional. And to them it seems too much to bear to grind a little when thats part of the game, after all we dont want it to be too easy then everyone would be bored

I would love to give this 5 stars more than anything, but the arena isnt letting me play. I started like 3 or 4 days ago and I’m already so strong. Plus the missions that I have where I have to fight in said arena, but when you go into it it says that its resetting and try again later. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but still does the same thing. Please fix.

Game really fun to play, and gives a lot of different challenges to keep you going. The friendship list thing need to be fixed won’t let me delete people. Need the friends list fixed bunch of inactive people you can’t remove

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