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Idle Billionaire Tycoon Ever dream of becoming a millionaire or billionaire? Make your dream come true in this idle tycoon simulation game!

You can make all your dreams come true here, in this idle tycoon simulation game!

Clicker games are so old-school. No need to click your fingers off for money anymore!
In this idle tycoon simulation game, you make money by doing nothing!
Charming, interesting managers are ready for recruitment. Recruit and assign them to the right places to build up the best business empire ever.

You’re a novice businessman. Nobody knows what awaits you in your path to fortune!
But that’s fine. This idle tycoon simulation games provides you with the most convenient way to become a billionaire.
Lean back, and enjoy your way to riches. Exciting storyline: gratis.
Enjoy regular events. In this idle tycoon simulation game!
Run a new business in events, earn money and expand your own business empire!

Take over businesses, make money, and become a millionaire.
Recruit and assign amazing managers to businesses to automate them.
Clear various missions and take over streets all across the world.
Try hostile takeovers through Negotiation Battles and make even more money.
Enjoy the amazing plot.
Operate various concept event businesses.

This idle tycoon simulation game is free-to-play and doesn’t require extra payment.
However, in-game purchases are available in case you want to level up quickly or obtain certain items immediately.
You can still obtain enough items for free, so feel free to enjoy the game!

This idle tycoon game requires internet connection when starting the game for the first time.
Once you start the game, you’ll be able to play the game offline as well.
No more stressing over excessive network data consumption!
No additional downloads are needed after the initial download.
Download the game and start building your own business empire in no time!

If you have any questions, or ideas that can help improve the game, please send your comments to billionaire[at]
To become ever better, Idle Billionaire Tycoon will always listen to you.

Idle Billionaire Tycoon user reviews :

I actually like this tycoon/simulator game comparing to other games like this! Ads are not forced either and not even needed unless you want to get money faster over-time; there’s no pop-up ads! There is story telling so it’s a lot more motivating to keep playing. The artstyle is very clean and simple I love it! I just hope that the endgame doesn’t bore me though, but I’ll definitely keep playing. Right now I’m halfway done with the map, but I think there’s gonna be more ahead so, more to come!

Great concept, appreciate the unforced ads (optional only, for extra resources, etc), but it would have been even better if he spent more time and effort going from broke to successful – perhaps another module before this one. Tapping a few keys and sudden overnight success isn’t realistic. Great game though.

Surprisingly…good. I expected the typical idile business sim that you learn how things work, play for a few days and forget about after a while. I like how it’s so far keep bringing back in the game. With different mini games and a good story it’s keeps me engaged. It does have ads but they don’t pop up unless you want a gift of resources. Overall good but it’s still early in to say it’s a keep long term. I’ll respost later for an update.

It’s a good game but it needs stuff added and changed. The hostile takeover stuff for instance, the legendary abilities don’t feel legendary when the AI is using theirs every time. The 50% chance feels more like 10, the amount of times I’ve reset to ensure the abilities trigger is unreal. Other than that it’s pretty fun. I like the event and would love for there to be more other than just the casino, but it’s rough when you find yourself enjoying the balance of the event more than the base game.

Great game! I’m happy there are other things to do rather than just waiting for buildngs to tick over cash but what I really love is NO FORCED ADS. Finally I watch lots of ads to get rewards but it’s because I CHOOSE to and not because I’m forced to. Thank you for that because other games that force ads every 30 sec etc I end up uninterested even if I liked the game I uninstall it. 5 stars for you!

Fun little game to keep time passing. Would enjoy it more with a bit more variety in events, something like a theme park themed event, or like a renaissance theme, just something different from the same two over and over again. Otherwise, love the game

The events for the most part are very well balanced progression is well balanced till later stages ad’s give very good rewards too. It only takes 2 days to get 1 legendary if you watch the ads which is very generous actually. The only thing I’d say to change is the length of the events the progression gets kind of slow near halfway through and a little more time could probably help a lot of people get the event skins withbout paying anything but overall nothing is really bad you can be f2p.

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