Eden – Build and survive in the hardest times

[Game] Eden – World Builder Simulator


Find out for yourself in this, the official 3D strategy world building game of the series, Eden, where you must help your very own community survive and thrive in their new lives on an idyllic but remote island.

You’re responsible for prioritising everything they must do every day in this lovely world simulator game. Build a world and a new life you will be proud of. Where will you focus and guide your islander community? Will you have them construct more camp buildings? Farming? Hunting? Scavenging? Harvesting?

Remember to keep the campfire burning brightly to keep morale up – and to customise and decorate the camp to make it feel more homely. Gather all the world builder achievements, collect rewards for the successful completion of the community projects, and practice smart resource management to build and survive in the hardest times.

Build to survive using your island tribe in this open world sim!


Build a shelter, then a storehouse, kitchen, workshop – and much more
Decorate your camp – upgrade your buildings, add paths, statues, showers, and many more items
Tend to the camp pigs, chickens and cows.
Manage the community’s limited supplies of water, crops, meat, fish, wood, stone etc.
Farm, scavenge, hunt, fish, decorate & cook to keep the fire burning brightly and the camp happy
Plant and harvest crops across the island.
Craft new tools and items to improve efficiency and have the camp not only survive but thrive!
Construct new camp buildings to expand the range of activities for your community and improve their island life.
Help the camp survive the harsh Scottish weather through the seasons
Attract new members of the community to help it grow
Share your progress with friends

If you love god simulator sandbox games, as well as crafting, building, and harvesting farm RPGs you will love Eden.

What is your vision? How will you build a completely new world?

Download and find out in one of the best build island and new life games of 2022!


If you have any queries regarding Eden – World Simulator or have feature suggestions, please send them to contact@all4games.co.uk. Until then, enjoy the building, hunting, harvesting, and crafting in this stunning building island strategy.

Please note – the game is free to play, however some items can also be purchased for real money, and there is no restriction on the amount of purchases that can be made. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

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Eden user reviews :

People who say you can’t rotate on chromebook, I have a chromebook with no touch screen. but I managed to rotate. so if you say no, think again. try harder. try every way you can imagine. you may need to ry them twice or 3 times

Reached level 64 and upgraded all buildings. Now only one item is requested at the campfire. It requires nu bucks. Still less than halfway to level 65. No way to gain “extra” experience. The game has gotten very static and boring. Holding out for a bit more before uninstalling.

The way Games should be done. This is the model other should follow for success. It’s not pay to play nor does it bombard you with ads. The type of games I will pay just to support. gameplay is decent for this type of game. Little repetitive but a good time killing experience.

Feels like you have no real control it takes so long to get resources to make the things you have to have to barely keep people happy n game going so you have little to no real options if you want to play a while

It’s a good game in general, it requires patience because some building, upgrading and crafting times are very long (5 real time days for the Community Shelter) but what ruins it are the storms. There is a storm every 10 minutes or something and it doesn’t go away until it has damaged at least 2 buildings, resulting in 2 of your precious workers constantly repairing buildings, which takes more than 1 hour each. Obviously you can speed it up with the premium currency, which feels dishonest.

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