Traffic and Driving Simulator – Enjoy thrill of racing on the missions

[Game] Traffic and Driving Simulator

Traffic and Driving Simulator

The game able to experience real driving.

Learn various driving skills by driving through various maps and missions.

Game Features
Experience various pattern of parking skills through the missions!
Enjoy thrill of racing on the missions!
Show the excellence cornering skills on changing lane missions!
Required realistic driving skills on driving missions.
1st person and 3rd person point of views are available.
Variety of maps are visible on the various stages.
Various missions that increasing driving skills.
Supported 16 languages.
Supported leaderboards and achievements.
Supported tablet devices.

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Traffic and Driving Simulator user reviews :

Good game,but in level 37 the speed is fixed at 67 km and it not possible to rise further resulting in successive failure in spite of best efforts to complete the level. It is cheating.

This game is very fun to play , honestly this game is better than most car games I have played so good job to whoever had created this game they have to be proud of them selves.

I like this game it’s play to simple adjustment driving very smoothly full fun

Really a nice game but at level 558 parking stage there is no parking clear i can’t clear the stage and stuck here.need help

This is a super game and nici pleas download this game and your all can drive the real car it’s amazing

When I installed this app out of pure boredom I expected nothing from it. After playing for a bit I can safely say: I never thought I’d be thoroughly entertained by a traffic simulator. It’s good. Simple, sure. Graphics aren’t top notch either, yeah. But it’s got a funny sort of charm to it, where I can see myself playing when I have time to kill. It’s a nice little game to calm yourselves. No ads as far as I’ve encountered, controls are nice, not many bugs. 5 stars, and I definitely recommend.

Game is good I see game little Dr. driving similar more update and more devolab

Just played the game and it is very easy and practical for a beginner learning how to drive. The effects and sounds at also commendable. I also like that the cars can change at some stages so it’s not boring. Kidos to the developers.

Its like real world and its good Its show us how can we ride in real street

I enjoy the game not meny adds to recommend for people who don’t like adds

This is a nice game .. but I can only drive 50 to 60 km not more than this because after 50 km it’s finish line… I just want to say the level should be hard and Long.. one more thing the most difficult part of this game is to start the engine

this game is a nice game, it has all the information that has been given firstly

Amazing game ever I have do 10 achievements on 300 stages.u give us 1000 stages so u should give us 1000 stage mission not just 300 stages mission. U should add 500 stages achievement 600 1000 etc. But u add just 300 stages achievement.

All levels easy but from level 550 the game starts freezing and when u do the level it wont let you finish. Maybe update the game so it will be a better gameplay.

Great app and great game. Play it all the time but I’m on level 298 and there are no cars that go fast enough to be able to pass the level

Very nice graphics and controlling, But stage same same again again, I request to administration of game, Please add some new locations and stage level. Thanks

This is a fantastic game. I fully enjoyed this game and it is variously helpful in driving training. I ever like this game.

Good game once you get the hang of it, I’ve only begun to play so I’m hoping to get longer drives as the challenges are quite short in the beginning but I am enjoying it

I really enjoy playing this game if it upgrade into realistic interior camera view and maps i would suggest all my friends to download this game and give 5star  rating. You have my words

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