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[Game] Tizi Town – My Princess

Tizi TownHave you always wanted to become a princess?

Always dreamt of designing the princess castle? Then your wish has come true! Now you got the chance to decorate & renovate your very own princess mansion, where you can create a world of avatars. Be the best interior designer in the town. It’s a fantasy world where there’s no limit to creativity and fun.

Dive into the enchanting world of Tizi Town’s dream house games! Unleash your creativity with intricate home design options that let you make your own house masterpiece. Craft your dream house in a captivating world town setting, where your avatar can explore and interact. These home designer games offer endless possibilities for kids and families to enjoy, making it an ideal choice for both family and princess games enthusiasts.

Choose from a variety of objects & design into a beautiful new home. Become an expert in renovation and unlock more colors and new skills. Style houses using home furnishings added in updates all of the time, catering to different avatars.

Features of the app are:
Tons of objects to decorate your rooms
Various royal items to play with!
Touch, drag, and explore every object and see what happens!
Made for kids of ages 6-8, but everyone will enjoy playing in this dollhouse with their unique avatars.
The app is completely free.

Be a princess with your personalized avatar right away and start decorating your castle. Download now!

Tizi Town user reviews :

Cool game . Will give a five star . Only problem is everything is locked . Like the basic normal things and we must pay to unlock everything or watch an add . Just lock some things and let everyone use other itema in peace . But in other words it a Fantastic game you can play and built . Thank you

It’s such a very fun game, i find very entertaining. And the designs are very cute and aesthetic I recommend to download this game. Super fun and entertaining.

I love how you get to build the houses and design them to it’s a really nice game and I will always play it you would love it to so fun so creative thank you for creating this game I will remember 10/10

It’s so fun you get to build a lot of houses but the only thing I don’t like about it is sometimes you can’t build all the houses and you have to watch ads for it other than that this is a five-star game

Fun game but all the houses needs adds except the apartment on the tutorial and mostly all the decor need adds or gamepasses to unlock the furniture!

I love the stuff is asthetic but even my wife is of it still has adds and even the place is open or unlocked I could not click it so that’s why plus there are many bugs you guys need to know this issue

I love this game it’s just soo good I don’t really have anything to say but I love the kitchen supplies more and can’t choose what to put cause they all are pretty

This is the best house desighn game I have ever played. Wide selections of furniture and so many outfits to chose from. Also I payed to unlock everything and it really is a fair price. I really recommend this game so 5 out of 5 stars.

Good game and designs, but it has a super annoying glitch where I cannot delete big items .

I like this game but its quite hard to costomize rooms and move things. It keeps loading when i try to click into rooms, i waited literally 30 minutes strait but its like the game froze or something. Some of the rooms are locked. I hope the developer changes it.

Is cool and good but the problem is so Many add but is okay because All of the Stuff are cute and lovely so 5-star it is Enjoy the game

We rlly love this game but expect for my sister she’s making mess house but I’m doing great and beautiful to make this game i wouldn’t never delete this game

I love it but the characters needs to be fix they look ugly but I love it

I like the game this apple very nice I love this game because this and good app but one star this reason very very ads and dress by ads I am very bold by dress and add by Anything it’s this reason for one star no This is nice tapping and seriously try again you are of course tried this app this is very nice but adds problem very very you’re not comedy me seriously acts very very problem aTS Something very nice try again you are this game try agai

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