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Idle Prison Empire TycoonIdle Prison Empire Tycoon is a distinctive idle gaming experience where you become the boss of your very own prison. Manage your penitentiary, make crucial decisions, and expand your prison empire.

Start with a humble jail and transform it into a maximum-security fortress. Your goal? Maintain order, control the inmates, and prevent daring escapes. Enhance your prison with state-of-the-art security systems, employ top-tier staff, and ensure your facility operates without a hitch.

But it’s not just about maintaining order. You’ll also need to keep your inmates content. Provide them with quality food, medical services, and recreational activities. The happier your inmates are, the more productive they’ll be.

In Idle Prison Empire Tycoon, every decision matters. Your strategies will determine whether your prison empire flourishes or crumbles. So put on your warden’s cap, roll up your sleeves, and prepare for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Do you have the mettle to run a prison empire? Let’s find out!

Idle Prison Empire Tycoon user reviews :

Needs work. Fun game, good concept, but I bought the most expensive pack and had nearly everything unlocked on game within 2 days…. Other issues…. 1) the main area only has one kitchen. Each cart ( and you only get three) can hold 32 pieces of food, once you expand to the third area, there is no way to feed ALL the prisoners, because they all eat at same time. 2) game progression needs to be slower. Like start off with one bed in a cell, then upgrade to two. I can’t fit everything

Everything’s good apart from when you release prisoners why are they standing inside the door way with a clock then there head it needs to be fixed other then that this game is brilliant and you need to just add a add free only to but as a option for some people if they can’t afford the bigger options if that was add I would you more them given this game a 5***** but my opinion 4****

5* for the graphics and layout but 3 due to the imbalance between earnings /video rewards and high amounts needed to build /upgrade all items. Hotel tycoon far better in that regard. Still the best prison game I have played though.

I like the game but they don’t give your diamonds to you when you make In App Purchases, I spent $5 for 500 diamonds and didn’t receive them, even after closing the app completely and reopening it. On top of that there is no way to contact anybody to get my diamonds.

Seems almost like a ripoff from the codigames. But there is more 3d aspect to the characters. I think it needs a few management capabilities before I give any money again.

Everything takes too long, everything is too expensive. Idea is good, gameplay is dull, not an idle game since you only get stuff for 1 hour after you go offline.

Unbalanced buildings prices if compared to earning more money, the game shouldnt be that hard to grind in a early stage of the game, if that goes on I wont be interested to play it long term.

It’s good but there’s a big problem. When I am idle to the game then it doesn’t works idle. When I open the app only then the app continues. Fix it up.

Good game, the ads aren’t too over the top which is nice. Only issue I have right now is that I’ve got everything built and maxed, so I’m waiting for the next update to hopefully add some new content.

Game is good, but it’s a little short, I think you can add some dynamics, you can go deep in areas like the battle arena(have your own prisoner, train, fights and escenarios, prisoners with statistics, or idk you can incorporate prisons dealers, gangs, etc etc

My new favorite game rn. The art, music, gameplay, and amount of ads are nice. I really like it.

Nice game. The ads are short and optional.. i haven’t encountered any problema so far.

I really enjoy the game,it realistic and teaches management and how to be responsible.

It is alot of fun running a prison but one thing they should have done was to add more locations

Great game , but I finished upgrading everything and now my money has no use I think I bigger map would help

So good graphics and reality I like that thing I have shown to my brothers and my relatives they like that game and they have downloaded it my sister have played it my elder brother has played it my father and my mother has played it they also like that game

Game was nice but I suggest one think please consider I want prision member details and punishment time given to plus of game kindly consider

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