Woodturning – Turn a piece of wood into the given shape

[Game] Woodturning

WoodturningThe best woodturning simulator.

Complete customer orders.
Turn a piece of wood into the given shape.
Cut (carve), polish, paint and add a stencil to your work.
Earn mooney and improve your lathe room.

Woodturning user reviews :

The idea is great but the app has loads of problems. First of all the ads are really intrusive and there are just simply too many. There is no option for free mode. There are no levels, so you can’t see what you have created in the past. View angles aren’t that good. There are no upgrades for your tools. I really hope the developing teams keeps on working this game because I really think it’s a great idea.

I like this game alot. There are a few things that are wierd though. The levels don’t really upgrade or get more advanced. The tools don’t change but only change design/ color. Same with the objects, only 1 time did I get one that was not symmetrical. I wish the tools would upgrade a little better to help get into tighter corners but it does fix it itself when it goes into paint. I like the paint and the designs. I really really do like this game and will continue playing it.

Way too many ads. I can understand one or two every now and then to monetise your game, but every single step of every level has an ad. After I carve the wood there is an ad, and when the ad is done there is an in-app purchase ad that pops up. Then as soon as I sand the wood there is ANOTHER ad. Like genuinely wayyyy too many.

Nice game, I don’t know why people keep complaining about the ads, they have a purpose, think about it some of you found the game by an ad! But it does glitch a little bit for me, but I think it’s because my phone, but I opened it pressed the play button, it glitch and I was by the sponges I pressed restart and it took me back, then it did the same thing then it froze, back screen, I turned my phone off and it won’t open. Maybe again its because my phone….

Absolutely addicting and a great way to preoccpy time. I do hate ALL the consistent adds within such short amounts of time to play in-between. Otherwise, it would’ve been a 5 star Note: I paid to have no Ad’s and somehow they’re still there. And not by choosing it, like when you need to in order to receive your bonus “tip”. Quite disappointing… Now a 3 star

This game is really cool, and the game-play is very accurate to the ad I saw. The chiseling effect through the phone is a nice addition, and you can feel the difference with the various chisels and material. The painting is interesting, but there should be an option to change the nozzle size or allow for more accurate application. Overall, I’m glad I downloaded this game. Of course the ads are a huge pain, especially when they appear after each stage of the fabrication. Thumbs up overall

The game itself is really cool, but there are WAY TOO MANY ADS. In order to complete 1 piece, you need to watch an ad to start, watch an ad after cleaning the material, watch an ad after carving, watch an ad after painting, watch an ad after removing the stencil, watch an ad in order to start the next piece…I have never played a game where you had to watch a kajillion as before. And the ads are unreasonably long. I think I only had this downloaded for a few days before losing my patience.

Could be better. Very choppy animation, difficult to control, and you have to watch more ads than you get to actually play the game. 4-5 ads per item! Spiders were cool though. MINUS ONE STAR because you need internet connection to play!!

pretty good game, good amount of ads (they’re not overwhelming) but I wish there were more chisel shapes, also we could use some more difficult levels. more advanced painting options would be nice too, otherwise it’s fun.

Would be a cool game if I could make it thru an item without the app crashing when ads play (& there are a LOT). I gave up after trying to make the same item 4x in a row. The last time it “paid” me for the item as if I finished it but didn’t put it in my collection so it didn’t look like I made anything.

Way too many ads! I understand ads are necessary, but 4 ads per level is insane. It’s unfortunate, because the game is rather fun, but you end up spending far more time watching ads than playing the game

I like the game overall, it’s fun and a good way to pass your time. Though there still is one thing I dislike abt this game- the amt of ads! Heck lot of ads! Anyway, js fix that and then it’s a five star!!

Good game. Fun and relaxing. However, even after paying to remove ads, you still have to watch ads to access the “unlockable” items and the tip jar. To me this defeats the purpose of “earning” new skins and tips, and honestly turns me off from playing altogether. If I was able to access more of the game features without watching ads, I’d probably give this 5 stars. Also, upgrading the workshop causes the game to glitch out, so once you’ve hit a certain point you’re pretty much capped.

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