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Idle OutpostIdle business simulator and tycoon game with a post-apocalyptic and zombie survival theme. The world has ended, and you’re running a post-apocalyptic trading post!

Your management skills will make the difference between survival and extinction. Build your outpost, trade with survivors, and expand your empire in this thrilling mega-simple 2D game with a gritty, immersive atmosphere.

When the night comes, fight off silly zombies!

Start with a small scrapyard outpost and grow your trading empire!

Begin with just a basic outpost in the desert, then upgrade and expand as you earn resources and profits. As you progress, discover new locations, from abandoned gas stations to underground vaults, and build the most prosperous post-apocalyptic trading network in the world!

There will be a ton of post-apocalyptic locations.
Venture from arid deserts to lush forests, encountering bandit camps, winter hideouts, and high-tech trading hubs. With each new level, unlock stunning new locations and challenges for your trading post.

Idle Outpost is perfect for players who love:

Post-apocalyptic and survival-themed games
Business simulation and tycoon games
Building and managing virtual empires
Engaging single-player experiences
Offline gameplay with no internet required
Free-to-play games that offer hours of entertainment

Embark on a journey of survival, commerce, and growth in Idle Outpost, the ultimate post-apocalyptic trading post simulator. Can you build the most prosperous trading empire in the new world? Download now and find out!

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Idle Outpost user reviews :

There’s the already stated issue with the screen blacking out when you go to get rewards after watching an ad, which forces you to restart the screen. Though it doesn’t happen very often. Also, I keep getting to the point where I’m waiting on developers to add more levels to travel to. So I’m kinda stuck because I can get more rewards from playing the “upgrade outpost” portion of the game. Otherwise, this game is fantastic, and I can’t wait to see what else gets added to the game!

  • Hello, James Hale! We apologize for the delay in releasing new levels. We understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Our team is working hard to bring new updates to the game as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Been playing this game for a few hours now and was really enjoying it as I like the play style. I’m not a huge fan of a pay to play but just wanted to spend a little on a starter pack which I did. After the transaction went though I never got the items even after restarting the game multiple times. I tried contacting support but haven’t gotten a reply or answer yet to help fix this problem to recieve the items or even get a refund back. The game was going good until that happened to me.

  • We’re truly sorry for the disappointing experience with the starter pack purchase. We understand your frustration with not receiving the items despite purchasing. We’ll ensure our support team addresses this promptly. Thank you for sharing this with us.

This game by definition is definitely an idler, I’ve only made it to the Third mission so I’m not sure if the game changes past this point, but it feels like a constant redo what you’ve already done but with a new item. That being said it’s a great breath of fresh air to not be a bombarded with ads every 20/30 seconds like most idlers.

  • Hi there Dan Rel (Pika Pichu), We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us about the ads in the game. Rest assured that this will be shared with the team for further consideration so please kindly stay tuned for now.

Overall, this is a mediocre game similar to other formats for the same style of play. However, this app could benefit from a reduction of on-screen clutter and the amount of adds. Went to fight a boss and sure enough, found my character to be “tired”. This amounts to an ad-wall/pay-wall. It becomes mundane after a while and I’m sure I’ve wasted a gig on ad watching.

  • Thanks for your review and feedback, Sam K Daily! We’re sorry you feel that there are too many spots for ads for you to watch. Rest assured that this will be shared with the team for further consideration so please kindly stay tuned for now.

Was great – really enjoyable, loved the music. Progression was satisfying. I even watched plenty of optional ads to get coins/power-ups etc. However with the new update the difficulty has ramped up massively. Progress is now so slow is practically non-existent, rewards for ads make zero difference, and is frankly not worth it. Sorry to say I don’t think I’m likely to play anymore. The fun has gone.

Traditional idle progression game however the plus side is it doesn’t bombard you with ads every 5 seconds. Ads are 100% optional with huge boost/benefits attached. Does take a grind of ads if you want to complete the events to completion as i spent about 8 hours total just watching ad after ad for constant boost to fully complete a 3 day event. Progression is paced and that other review being stuck on “2-4” unsure why. Even without any ads I completed it in a single day.

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